Saturday, December 18, 2010

absolute insanity

I don't know how you people north of the border do it. I haven't been able to even think of a run or ride in this weather. All I can do is huddle in my folks' RV, park myself under a heater and wait for the day we go home. The sky is grey, there is no blue, there is no joy, it is depressing as hell and I think I'm slowly going insane and I've only been 'in country' 2 days. I don't even want to THINK about exercise and going outside in that frigid weather - how do you people stand this? I'm frozen at 20C - I'm not sure how the temps compare because the US is not metric but the rental car shows mid 50s - OMG I just want to huddle in warmth and count the days until we go home. Luckily I'm working so I can excuse my lack of exercise with work but hell, at home, I was counting the hours until I got my first bike ride or run in and midday meant swim (with my 14yo) and hope no rays or cuddas but now my clock is all messed up (we went from Central to Pacific) and I'm depressed as hell. And it rains All The Fucking Time.

Geez, you people are gods to exercise in this weather. I need to find some motivation and figure something out as my ass is just spreading wider and my belly is growing to meet my "desk." One of my daughters said something cute the other day - our first day? - as she filled the bath (which she hasn't had in over a year) she remarked that "Aunty Chris must be really rich to use drinking water for a bath!"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

el otro lado

Gawds I'm scared to death. It has been FREEZING here (15C one morning) and I wore a down jacket all day today (I don't think it got over 25C and I even wore a turtleneck and knickers on the bike - if I'd had tights I would have had those on too. I FINALLY saw the dead coral snake today on the road. We have a LOT of road kill - snakes, raccoons, dogs, bats, birds - but the coral snake was an enigma to me. I kept missing it over and over. Today I decided if I had to go back to see it, I'd turn the damn bike around and do just that. Thankfully I didn't need to turn the bike around as the wind was WICKED today. It was so hard - we had wind both ways - and demoralizing. But since I'm injured (I tore my calf muscle REALLY WELL last week) I don't worry about anything but getting my butt in the saddle. Today I took it super easy and really did not push much at all.

But yeah, I'm scared. We're headed to el otro lado tomrrow and while it won't be snow we visit it may as well be. Most Mexicans go to the beach over vacaciones. We are instead headed for frozen California. I am scared to death I won't leave my sister's guesthouse the entire time we're gone, too afraid of the frigid, frozen freezingness of coldness.

Pic is from my last run - the one where I tore my calf muscle. Yet afreakingain.

Oh, and if you see a family without shoes (who needs shoes where we live - SERIOUSLY WE DON'T HAVE SHOES) but chanklas and a dog and shivering, huddled under a heater at either DFW or SFO, throw us a blankie, K? And I may as well apologise for our return - this is our stock up trip so we're heading out with empty suitcases and will bring them back full (although the last 2 years here have brought so many changes you can get so many more "things" than ever before, but you can't beat thriftstores for clothing 4 kids). Now I guess I'll see how all of you guys deal with training in the winter (ooh, I'm so SKEERED!)

la virgincita otra vez

So, for some reason I figured everyone would know exactly what I'm talking about but I guess I've been out of the US culture too long. :)

Here are photos from 2007 (I think) You will note that the weather was much more normal. We might have just hosted a conference on global climate change and everyone complains about the heat storms but we have had very mild summers and wicked cold winters for the past 2 years. It is disconcerting at the least.

My friend Joanna just posted on celebrations in Merida for la virgincita and here is my post from a few years ago with even more virgin links.

This year I got very few pictures but I attached one here - the camera sucks so you can barely see the group huddled at the side of the road. Our last ride we saw a giant group with ropes and they were walking but by the time we'd gotten to our retorno and headed back they were long gone. I suspect they were headed for Pto Adventuras and not PdC.

It is FREEZING here. More freezing than freezing on el otro lado as we don't have any source of heat other than the sun or the car heater. So we are freezing. Frozen. Icicles. People in the jungle die from the cold, so it really is serious and we're lucky to have 4 walls we can huddle in. That reminds me to check and make sure Don Beto has blankets.

Friday, December 10, 2010

la virgincita

Every time we get out on the carretera (pic is Jamie headed out ahead of me to the carretera) I'm reminded how lucky we are to ride here. Even though the roads are FLAT and we're only able to ride the carretera (only paved road for hundreds of kilometers) the drivers we share the road with are amazingly polite. The doble semi-remolques (I'm not sure what they are in the US - 2 18-wheeler like trailers pulled by one semi) will always pull into the next lane to pass us and oncoming traffic will wait for us to pass at retornos before making their retorno (so as to not interrupt and make us stop). We're always given wide berth by all cars and it is hard to imagine the rage that cyclists in the US get.

We're deep in the season of pilgrims for La Virgin and they're all over the carretera going both north and south, running and cycling. I hope to get some pictures tomorrow assuming my leg will hold up to a cycle since I tore it pretty badly last run. It was acting up and I decided to stretch it, but a stretch was the WORST decision I could have made. I then walked around on it all day today at the COP 16 climate change exhibition and that was another bad idea. Since Jamie absolutely trashed himself today trying to attain a 22mph average I'm hoping he'll be tired enough tomorrow for an easy day on the bike. I'm not sure what this calf has in it for cycling when I'm hobbling on foot.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

lessons in either futility or patience

Wholee fuck but I was pissed during the ride today.

Running wasn't bad. (pic is from my only run route)

How is it possible that I was regularly hitting under 1:18 for the ride, getting faster and faster each ride the first two weeks and plateauing a bit the 3rd week, but this week has been just AWFUL. I had a 1:30 ride and yesterday just squeaked under 1:19 and today was 1:21. I'm getting slower and slower and I Do Not Like it Sam I am.

I've decided to run out towards Janten again even if I can't run my usual mileage (I stuck to 10 min runs this week), even though I have to pass the palaperos each time (and I'm sure they're wondering WTF this gringa is doing running out and then (seemingly) turning around immediately and going back. Is she too much of a pussy for a REAL run? Gawds. They probably don't even notice me.

So Jamie says from now on, no timers allowed on the bike. I tried today to make it Not About The Time and really succeeded until I got near cenote row and realized just how slow my time was going to be and lost it. I had planned to enjoy the ride, look down the dirt paths (off the carretera), wave to the taxistas, wave to the vigilencia at the compounds (they must be at compounds, I mean really, what ELSE are they there for?), find the coral snake (road kill) Jamie saw last time and ignore the clock. I think I would have been a LOT more successful had I not STARTED the damn clock to begin with. And I did pretty well for the first hour. I waved to the taxistas, waved to the vigilencia, missed the fucking snake (but saw all the dead raccoons) and then got pissed.

I can't figure out why I'm going backwards but Jamie says I'm not. He also says the wind patterns have changed and we're getting a constant headwind all the way back and the week I was doing 1:13 and 1:14 was an anomaly. I'm not sure I believe him. Oh, and my legs are ALWAYS sore. Ugh.

I guess I could concentrate on taking pictures and ignore the fucking clock. I hate being so slow. Hmph.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

I got my ass back! (in more ways than one)

I didn't have to ice my ass after today's ride!!! However, I've been eating us out of house and home and my ass is bigger than ever (as evidenced by the 2 kg gain this past month).

I honestly thought I had something wrong with that sit bone but either it is converting to standing desk (last week only) or just time in the saddle - either way I'm no longer in pain. Such sweet relief. Unfortunately I had a horiffic ride on Thursday (just slow and no reason for it) and tried to redeem myself today but could only squeak out 1:18:50. Sigh. at least it was 10 min faster than Thursday's epic but nowhere near my fastest at 1:13ish.

Jamie says I've only been on the bike almost a month and not to worry about it and that I should be getting a new feel for the bike and not even thinking about time. So that's what I'm going to start doing - not even starting the timer and just go with heart rate. We'll see how that goes.

I got 3 runs in this week (10 min each) but slacked seriously on Wed and Fri - I did NOTHING (but stuff my face) both days. I just had no desire to swim, yoga or run. I need a serious kick in the ass. The weather has been so cold lately that I just loathe to get out in the water and since I'm only running 10 min it just doesn't seem worth it to even go, but I know that will get me nowhere. So sigh double.

Both boys are sick with the death cough, fever, aches and yuckiness and I am hoping the girls and I can avoid it. Course, we'll probably come down with it right in time to travel (going back to the US for Xmas). Pounding the vitamin C and getting lots of sleep and hoping for the best.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Se me lo perdio el animo.

Seriously I have NO IDEA what was wrong today. My affect was depressed the whole ride and my legs were sore but not the deadest they've been - I just had no animo, no heart, no ganas. So have a new personal worst. It didn't help that the wind was BLASTING at us coming home (but that is par for the course) but I rarely went over 30kph going out. It was an awful ride and I would have turned around 100 times if Jamie had not been with me. I have no idea what to blame this awful performance on. Well, other than myself. Ugh.

Oh, I almost forgot - it was FREEZING the whole way - 22 or 23C and I just wanted to curl up and die.

BUT, the new Pto Adventuras Chedraui looks OPEN! I've never seen such construction here in Mexico. They worked Saturday afternoon, Sunday AND MOndays! We're looking forward to checking it out and only going 6km (one way) instead of 15 for market.

The weather has turned - it was lovely for the IM at Cozumel but now it is dreadful and 23C. UGH. I fear a repeat of last year's winter and am depressed just at the thought.

Now that I've sat a bit and thought, I think I'll do my run later this afternoon. It is only 10 minutes so I hate even getting dressed (which is why it is perfect after a bike ride) but now that I've gathered strength there really is no need to lop it off the schedule entirely. Just need to get the 14yo going on his algebra first. :)

My legs are ALWAYS sore. I wonder what to do. I started taking magnesium about a week ago but that's really not doing anything.

Monday, November 29, 2010

things that make you go hmmm...

I'm starting to wonder if this sit bone pain is not muscle related or something. I have converted my desk to a standing desk (I work at a computer all day so I've changed from sitting at my desk to standing) and while sitting tonight the side of my thigh got numb. If cycling is giving me injuries I might need to go bionic. I started cycling to give my chronically injured calf muscle a rest (a year of tearing the calf muscle every 3 months) but the sit bone pain seems to be radiating outwards but I can't reproduce it on palpation so that says likely not muscle. Sigh. Tomorrow is another ride day so we'll see how it goes. It is always worse when I ride two days in a row and this starts my 4th week of cycling (since 1994 or so) and I'm hoping it gets less painful sooner rather than later.

I futzed around enough today that it was just about feeding time by the time Pike and I headed out for a swim. I was shocked to see that the tourist boat (we usually see at midday) was still there when we got to the beach. The tourists were still in the restaurant eating so either they were running as late as we were or they run twice a day. The water was SUPER rough - in the trough of the wave you could see neither the waves crashing on the reef nor the shore and murky. I really hate murky water. I had thought of doing 6 laps but I really hate being out there at feeding time also so we did 4 (probably took as long as 6 as the water was So Rough) and called it a day.

I then celebrated with a 10 min run. I'm back on the wagon trying to run again and had planned on a week of 10 min runs but wouldn't you know it, half way through I was already planning on skipping this week and just going straight to 10/20/10/20/10/0/30. I wonder WHY I keep getting injured? Geez! So slapped myself around a bit and will hold firm to 10/10/10/10/10/10/10. But after 3 weeks of cycling and 2-3 weeks of NO running, the legs felt Very Very Weird on the run - stiff and not really working well. It took almost the entire 10 minutes to feel "right". I'm hopeful that this plan will keep me injury free but I REALLY have to rein myself in and stop pushing and learn to hold back. You'd think by my age I'd have learned and if not you'd think I'd want to avoid injury but there is no logic when I have a number (goal) in my head.

I've been buying jerseys and shorts (well just one pair) on Ebay for a couple weeks and can't wait to get to the US to get them. Right now Jamie holds all my stuff as I have no pockets and usually just wear a t-shirt or running top. Luckily I was able to get some De Soto Tri shorts to him just before he came back from WI so I do have those and I'm sloshing around an old pair of his shoes (after he got sick of me wearing my running shoes on the bike). I also have my eye on a pretty local jersey. When we get back from our US trip I should be styling on that bike, assuming my sit bone finally adjusts.

Sunday was Cozumel. I really wanted to go over and had planned to volunteer but I just couldn't. Jesse was sick with a ton of homework and taking the whole famdamily over there would have run upwards of $720 MN.

It seems like all the cool tri kids sum up their week in numbers, so as I'm always one to join the latest fads (my family members, if they even know of this blog are vomiting now) here is the last week in numbers:

Swim 5440 yd (only 2 workouts, I was just Not Into Swimming last week) prolly 1.5 hours.
Bike 112.91 m (4 bikes) and 6 hours 4 min.
Run: Injured.

This week I have 4 swims planned, 4 bikes and 6 runs.

Friday, November 26, 2010

the difference between 25 and 50

Back in my 20s and early 30s I wouldn't think twice about a 40 mile bike ride or any athletic event whether I was training or not. I could abuse my body and not worry. I did a half Ironman and I'm not sure I even trained for the run. I remember biking (mainly because I liked to bike) but I never had a plan and I'm not sure I spent much time even thinking about the run.

I did 40 miles yesterday with Jamie after 2 weeks of cycling which had followed some 15+ years of sedentary lifestyle. Today shows me that I'm 50. My quads are STIFF. My ass HURTS. I'm not able to just throw down mileage like those young pups. But I can still kick my 14yo's ass swimming. Well, for now anyway.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My first *long* ride

When I realized that today would fall perfectly in the *training* schedule (MWF are swim and TThSS are ride and SMTWThS are run) AND the US had a holiday on Thursday I figured we could make a long ride and I thought I might add in a swim afterwards. Jamie took Jesse to school (and then to their overnight field trip, camping at X'calcel) and I worked, getting in half a day by the time he got back. I also managed to wake up at 3:30 am thinking it was 5:00 as the full moon bouncing off the jungle made the sky look lighter than it really was. Yawn.

So we headed off and I held the pace back for the first 8 miles or so but then the cross and headwinds started so it wasn't all that hard to hold back at all. Our pace was miserable for the first half. We knew that it was 12 miles to our normal turnaround so I checked the highway markings and counted down 13 more km and we made today's turnaround there - a little over 20 miles. I was feeling pretty good. We made it to the retorno just after Hidden Worlds and I think it was around 1:11.

Coming back towards Akumal we got our promised tailwind (sometimes we can get headwind both ways) and the road was much flatter between Akumal and Xeh-Ha. I got to look forward to our little rises to get out of the seat but after Akumal (about 12 miles from home) I was looking for any excuse to get out of the saddle! I wasn't dead when I got home but I was sure glad to stop. This is my 3rd week of riding and I just don't think my ass is ready yet. But a good ride all in all. We're thinking it was around 41 miles and maybe an 18+mph average. My one index finger is still numb and Jamie says they make gel gloves now so I'm DEFINTELY going to look for those. I'll also get some cycling shoes and clip in pedals (or whatever).

Cozumel is on this weekend and I'm hoping to get over there but ferry tickets will be $120 each (about $10USD each) so that would be an outlay just to watch. We'll have to see how the workload is also.

After I came home, scarfed down pasta and meatballs I had a nice nap. (after a bit of work). Jamie is in town now with Pike at the orthodontist and promised to bring tamales from our favorite vendedora.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's coming along

I had a great ride today. I just started my 3rd week of riding and my ass (really, just under my sit bones) seems to be getting worse instead of better. As a matter of fact, when i sit anywhere it feels like a bump there. I'm thinking something like bursitis. I'm hoping another week or two will calm it down.

It was finally warm - 28C to start and it was LOVELY to be warm once again. We've had such an unnecessarily EARLY winter that it was lovely to feel warm air and hot sun again. Jamie hated it of course but he's almost always hot. I pushed the out and was disappointed to be at 32:30 at the turnaround (as I think my record is 31:30) but very pleased to find I had not, in fact, been riding in a tailwind but a crosswind and hammered home. I'm only tracking time so when we were approaching Pto Adventuras at 1:03 I knew I was going to hammer the PR. I took another 4:20 off my previous week's PR and we averaged 19.4 mph (I think) and I'm pretty happy with that. My legs felt much better today also - last week they were shaking.

I'm trying to get Jamie to go for a longer ride on Thursday as work for me will probably be light due to the US holiday and I can most likely afford the time.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I think I might be training for Ironman Cozumel. I know I can do the swim and the bike, but I'm not sure, with my constant calf injuries, if I can do the marathon. But hey, I really like the Iron La'ak uniformes so maybe that is reason enough?

I've checked out the Mexican circuito nacional and it looks like we've got a few in the southern part of the country - Veracruz and Mazatlan and there is a HIM in Guate (Guatemala) I might consider also.

I'm in my 2nd week of Do Not Run after trying a 10-min and 20-min run last week. I knew about 10 minutes into the 20-min run it wasn't going to end prettily but could I just STOP and avoid injury? I think we all know I'm too hardheaded for that. So another week off the leg. Next week I'll only do 10 min runs. I PROMISE. And I'll stop if it gets wonky. No, BEFORE I injure it again. Sheesh.

I have having a great time on the bike though and have PR'd pretty regularly. Even today's ride (I have not been updating DM lately) even though we were going slow PR'd all of last week's rides. So there's that.

and I'm very seriously thinking of doing Cozumel next year. I did an HIM way back in the VERY early 80s (like 81 or 82?) when I was in my early 20s and remember hating the run and really walking most of it and I think it was a 7:30 time or so. I'm thinking that even if I walk the entire marathon (and I've run up to 10 miles when not injured) I could still finish. And hell, it is right across the channel. It couldn't be any closer unless I lived on the island. Ten miles by sea. If I register by the end of the year it will be cheaper than registering next year. I think I'm already decided,I just like living in denial. :)

So this week was 8K of swimming and 160K of riding. Pretty happy as I'm not really training for anything right now. I missed all the runs I wanted to to this year (the marathon or 1/2 in DF for the Bicentennial was tops on my list) due to injury so I'm just exercising to keep the muscles alive right now.

Oh, and did I mention my training (bike) partner and coach? None other than the esteemed Jamie (DH). Sweet.

Oh and lastly, I'm planning on dragging the boys over to the island next Sunday to work the Ironman. Looking forward to that!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

ahm tah-ared

Oh my aching knees. I had great hopes of gradually increasing each week, from 20mpw to 22 mpw to 23 to 25 to 27.5 and then then to plateau at 30 for a while. It seems my knees might have a different thought on that plan. The KoolAid plan says to pretty much listen to your body and advance as it allows. Dayum, that making sense business again. I really hate that. This week was great for swimming - Pike swam with me 3 days (counting today, hopefully) and I did 1800, 1500, 1800 and have 2100 planned for today. Nothing compared to my old swimming days but I never had to deal with currents in pools either (at least that's MY excuse).

So this week was 2.5, 4.5, 2.5, 4.5, 2.5 and 6.5 (tomorrow will be the 6.5) but since I have been running since Sunday, but not counting that day in my total (I know, it is insane) that's another 6 days in a row for me. Since I used to have trouble with my knees after 2 days in a row but after implementing Chondroitin and glucosamine at first 1200mg/day and then at 1800mg/day to banish the painful knees, I wonder if I just need to up the ante again. I like the logic of the Koolaid program - lower daily mileage to allow bones and ligaments to adjust but frequency to get just as high mileage as 4d/week program but I wonder if my knees are cut out for it. One big hmmmm.

We've got Hurricane Ricardo gunning for the southern area of the state (and Belize) and yesterday the water already showed the effects of this much larger than Paula cane. Still no worries, the tortugas have us covered.

I'm still up in the air on the Xeh-Ha triathlon but definitely will do an HIM (70.3) next year. Just not sure if it will be Cancun, Mazatlan or Veracruz.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Drinking the Kool Aide

So I've been bouncing along on my own program (4 miles every other day for a week after the medicinal runs, bump up to 5 miles and then jump into a marathon training program - Hal's, natch, Novice 2) and getting my ego stroked with multiple longer (to me) runs (8, 8, 9, 9) and dropping my average pace (9:40mm last 5K - still can't commit to metric 100%) but starting to get niggings of patellofemoral syndrome and plantar fasciitis. Hmmm... As if the calf wasn't enough. So I stopped going around barefoot (for PT) and iced the heels after each run and the PF pretty much went away until my last 9 mile run. Hmmmm... The PFS seems to ebb and flow so I just kind of kept it in the back of my head and started looking around the web.

and I found the Kool Aid.

So last week I jumped into the first week (supposed to be 2-4-2-4-2-0-6 and instead went 0-3-3-3-4-0- and today should be 6. AND I'm dropping my speed. I was holding 10:00 mm pretty easily for 4-5 mile runs but according to the Kool Aid and McMillan, my recovery (MWF) runs should be crushingly slow at 12:18-12:48 (have not yet been able to run that slow), long runs 11:18 to 12:18 (I am pretty sure I can do that) and easy runs (TTh) 11:18 to 11:48 (again, might be able to bring the pace under 11:18 but it is not easy to run that slow). My ego has taken a HUGE hit from running 10:00 to trying for 11:00. But I'm looking long term now and if I manage to get to the end of the year without injury I'll be a total convert. And it does make sense - I've been pushing my ligaments prolly before they were ready (post injury) and I'm hoping this might do the trick.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

medicinal runs

8/17 Another 3 miles in the rehab bag. 4 min run, 3 min walk. Last one was 6 min run. Starting to get hopeful. Will roll the leg again tonight and break up more scar tissue. Swim: Storm came up 1/2 way through and while I waited out the initial first impact (wind and driving rain) the wind after the rain passed was enough to exhaust me. I kept wondering if I would be swept down the coast or not - the currents were really weird and pulling south. Glad to be done.

8/19 run 5 walk 3 run 5 walk 3 ... it's getting there. Apparently there are DEER in the jungle. I've heard it but never believe it until I saw Bambi venado today on my run. Weird. I've got Bambi, manta and sting rays, baracuda, crocks, snakes, iguana and crabs. Oh and tortugas everywhere nesting. Swim: got in a really quick 2 loops before the storm came in. Lightening flashing and thick black clouds all around and the manta ray is bag. Dayum but he is BIG. :)

8/21 10 run 3 walk 7 run 2 walk 7 run 3 walk 7 run 3 walk 6.5 run. I had to slow it down seriously on the last 3 runs and I've finally figured out it is my peroneus longus not my soleus that starts the downward spiral. Tortugas are still laying feverishly and I saw tracks this morning from one who headed off the beach onto the "road" (sand and "dirt") before heading back through the bushes to the beach. Two new nests night before last on our beach and a couple hatchings. Looks like we'll have hatchings really late into the year this year - October to November. Wonder what that says about winter?

8/22 Water felt great. After 2 really rough days we finally caught some good weather. Stroke felt really good today and it is starting to come together.

8/26 run 10 walk 3 run 10 walk 3 run 10 walk 3 run almost 8. This is what I had planned last run (Sunday?) but my calf just didn't feel right after the first 10. I think I'm done with medicinal runs now and can move back to running again. Went out at midday and it was rather hot. Looking forward to Saturday's early run - I'll go for 5 and see how that feels.

8/28 It felt incredibly slow (and it was) but at least it isn't a medicinal run. Back to full on running (albeit slow) again. Was going to do 5 but figured I'd be conservative (for once). Back on the train again. Let's see how long I can go without reinjury.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


8/9 Did my own injured "brick". Swam 1200 yd (4 out and backs) but that barracuda still had me worried and then I saw a somewhat large stingray and I finally figured out how I must have gotten bloody that one time and that was it for swimming. So I then did 25 min of water "running".

Yeah, I'm a real pussy. Oh, the water was choppy so 1200 was enough for me (though I definitely could have done 2 more loops but since I'm going every day now I want to try and keep my shoulder healthy - yeah, that was the other "reason" - save the shoulder). Still unable to walk without limping so 2 weeks just doesn't seem enough now. I'm hoping maybe next week....sigh...

WooHoo! I ran! Well, I walked for 12 min, stretched for 5, then ran for 3 min then walked, ran 3, walked 3, and was amazed I didn't tear the calf again! I'm so happy to finally make it back to medicinal runs. So now I'll do medicinal runs instead of water running. I had totally lost ALL motivation to run in the water. So happy to be back on land again. Broken toe still letting me know it is there but I'm not listening. :)

8/10 Well, now that I see the future devoid of running (I'm not yet walking without a limp, so this is going to be a LONG rehab).

Today was 1500 yd swimming in some serious chop. It was tough on the way out but sweet on the way back. Did 2 laps (300 yd) of one-arm fly drills and that was a challenge considering the chop. At times I'd totally loose the buoy (my marker) in the valley of the wave. No stingrays, no barcudda today. Nice. I actually ended up done 300 yd more than yesterday but in the same time as I was so distracted looking for the cudda yesterday. I still don't know what got me bloody that one time but my bet is off the cudda.

Finished with 15 min of water running alternating x-country and normal every 5 minutes.

8/12 1/2 primary Ashtanga in the early morning and then 2100 yd swimming afternoon. One-armed fly drills and 300 yd kicking drills. No cudas, no rays. Lots of fishies and wicked, horrid, awful kelp messing with me.

I am NOT limping today!!! First time in over a week!

Friday, August 06, 2010

f*cking calf

Managed to damage the calf again just before I headed out to the beach today. Ugh. I'm starting to think this (2nd original injury) will need a full 2 weeks to recover. I'm starting to wonder why even bother if I'm never going to run again. Sigh. I also managed to BREAK MY TOE walking to the beach!

40 minutes (I was only going to do 30-mind-numbing minutes) of steady stupid f*cking water running. No intervals today. Didn't want to stress the calf further.

8/3 The water was rather rough today but it was the wicked current that worried me enough to cut my swim in 1/2. I didn't want to get tired enough to get dragged over to Cozumel ;).

8/5 Didn't get attacked by anything today - that's a plus! :) Yesterday I came out the the water bloody with no idea how or why. Decided to increase the swim a bit today and my shoulder is not happy with me. I guess I need to start PT for it if I'm going to continue swimming. Did IM stroke work today. Big black clouds on the horizon all swim. Water super calm today - calmest yet, and I was constantly distracted by all the pretty fish.

8/8 No, I really DON'T like barracudas. So I was 1/2 way through my workout when I saw this GIANT barracuda hanging on the sandy floor, his mouth nicely open so I could see all the rows of sharp teeth. I swam FAST back to shore (at least 100 yd) and ran up to John (divemaster) absolutely ready to cut the workout short. He goes on to tell me that barracudas are not agressive - they are so strong and so fast that if they were, I'd have no hope. Um, thanks for the pep talk?

So I make it for 2 more taps (300 yd) and see him again. I've now swum over him 4 times. I am not going for 6. So I cut the swim short. Yes, I know I'm a baby. A baby will ALL my toes. for now...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Swimming and aqua running

Tried to swim without goggles. I almost ended up on the reef in front of Don Pepe's haus so back to the middle I went and absolultey zig-zagged myslef to the reef and back again. It was insane. I tried both breast and back but I wasn't going to do a full mile of breast and back so I bagged it after one loop. 300 yds.

Finished up with 39 min of water running. I was DYING today. I wanted to stop after the first one (I did 6 x 5:00 with 1:00 between each one) and had originally had plans for 8 but I was dead after 5 and getting to 6 was about all I could do. I dunno why my legs were so dead but they were. I had NOTHING out there. Hoping for a better day tomorrow - I really didn't even feel like going out there; I should be back on the roads today. big sigh.

Monday, August 02, 2010

water baby

Oh man. I never imagined I'd fall back in love with swimming again and I'm not sure if it is the calm seas (versus the rough chop of winter) or the fact that I'm FINALLY losing that hard-to-lose belly fat or the fact that swimming is toning my arms like Ashtanga never did (that BITCH) but after totally burning myself out in AAU (yeah, back with the dinosaurs) and masters competitive swimming) I'm starting to come back around. I'm doing 6 out and back loops about 150yd each out (or back) to just about the reef and getting stronger all the time. I enjoy the tropical fish and even saw a ray one day. Thankfully, the sharks stay on the OTHER side of the reef (we have an agreement).

After breaking my toe and being totally unable to walk for a while I was finally able today to do Ashtanga (yoga) though it was a bit painful at times. It is amazing how often we use those toes. And tomorrow, I'm hesitantly going to run 3 miles (and swim at noon).

If the cost were not so high ($250USD) I'd seriously consider Cancun 70.3 (1/2 Ironman) in September, but I just can't justify that kind of money for a hobby. So instead I'm looking at marathon training and possibly a sprint tri in November at XelHa. But we are also thinking of a US trip in Oct/Nov and I might miss the tri.

At any rate, I've endured 2 weeks of water running and I have no idea if it kept anything in running shape or not, but I definitely have refound my joy of swimming. Enough that I now need to look for shoulder injury prevention exercises. And tomorrow I'll start week 5 of Hal's marathon plan and we'll see what happens with the calf. If nothing else, I have my sights on a Campeche 21K in early September.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

oops I did it again

I am really getting sick of this. Back to the water - calf tear on Tuesday. I water ran Wed, Thurs and Friday and then walked 3 miles today. I am so fucking sick of this injury. I can't imagine what else to try other than The Stick each and every day.

I just can't seem to lick this stupid fucking injury. I had just begun to think I could plan a race (September 5th - Campeche 21K) and now I have no idea if I'll be running that day - who knows when this will pop up again.

So very sick of it.

But apparently, not sick enough to stop running. Next week I'll walk and water run again (oh, poor me, I have to water run in the Caribbean - life is SO rough!) and then next Tuesday try it again.

One weird thing is that this time I had bottom of the heel pain in the opposite leg (as the injury). I've made a handmade lift (as that leg is short) and I wonder if the gel of the lift is too hard...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazing week

After the week before I really wasn't expecting much this week. I almost had decided on a step-down week (I really DO need to do that soon - maybe the week to come?) and figured I'd just start the week with my usual 4.5m run. It is an odd number but because of my route (I have the choice of, oh, ONE route) which is 3 miles out-and-back and I only know where the .75 and 1.25 miles locate to on the route. It wasn't a bad run as the temperature had plummeted to around 25-26C with 90% humidity. Sweet weather. Tuesday I managed to break the 10-minute barrier with a 9:45 average for me 3-mile run. That was amazingly sweet and I felt really good the whole run so it seemed that my week was turning around (due to the cold weather no doubt) and I nixed the idea of a step-down week. Today I wasn't sure if I'd do 8, 9 or 10 miles but by morning had figured out how many loops I'd need for 10 and how to structure the hydration and I had a great 10-mile run. The last mile was heavy but I certainly wasn't dead at the end - just glad to stop. Now that I'm in double digits I feel like a "real" runner. I'm guessing that I should probably make next week a step-down week.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I don't know what it is about yoga that kills my back, but for something that is supposed to be so good for you, it sure screws up my back, at least in the beginning. I think I'm trying too hard for the jump-throughs (Ashtanga). I backed off them on Thursday and had a much better practice today. I've moved down to the beach and do my practice there - I don't really see the sun come up as we've tilted too far south, but I do watch the sun creep across the sand and light up the bay. It's pretty sweet.

Running is going well other than a death march on Friday. I had a great 5K for a dailymile challenge that seems to have screwed up. It was supposed to be a 4-week challenge with the opportunity to win a Timex Ironman watch but apparently it ended with the fastest 5K in the first week. Shrug. Tomorrow I have another 8 miles /13 K on schedule and after Friday's "run" I'm really dreading it. I've been hydrating like mad, hoping that it will help my dead legs but I doubt it will.

I've been having weirdness with my head lately - I have been with vertigo since the beginning of the year but certain poses (yoga) or positions will drastically cut off blood flow and boy do I get dizzy then. Yeah, I know, just DON'T do it. I've started tracking food again as I've been moving UP the scale and I would REALLY like to go DOWN but 75 seems to be an easy weight to hold. I'm hungry All The Time though, so it is hard. I've decided to work only on tracking food and stop eating at night. So hard not to though...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I really really really hate thinking up a title

So, long story short, life pretty much stopped when I got injured. I spent most of March and April trying to come back and reinjuring myself. I was SO fracking sick of my fracking calf I can't tell you. But I finally found the magic and I really wish it was something other that just freaking rest that damn calf but apparently it is a 2-week minimum rest when i tear. Body keeps getting older.

I have been holding steady with 20 mile weeks and recently decided to jump into Hal's 1/2 marathon training program at week 7. All the long races here aren't until Fall (November/December) so there is really no point in training for a race now. I might take in a 10K over in Merida one of these days but for now I'm thinking of Carrera de las Tres Culturas (run through 3 archeological sites 21km) and maybe a 16km in Uxmal beginning October. I was seriously thinking about a bicentennial run in DF but I think it will just be craziness cubed and too expensive so I'm sure I'll find a slew of local races to celebrate the bicentennial.

I ran through Tropical Storm Alex's winds the last few days - we got the dirty side and we've had day after day of brutal seas (no swimming) and brutal winds. The rain was neverending and I found that the cold water really kept my neuroma to a minimum on the long (7mile) run day. Interesting. Today the winds had finally died down enough for me to do 1/2 primary Ashtanga (yoga) without getting sandblasted. Dunno when I'll ever get back in the water. I'm tenatively thinking about the 1/2 Ironman (apparently all the kool kidz call them 70.3 but since I was doing the Santa Barbara 1/2 Ironman back when those kool kidz were in diapers I'll call it whatever I damn please :)) in Cancun. Course that means more water time and definite bike time. We'll see.

Monday, April 19, 2010

like a very strange fish

I think it has been 2 months - honestly, I've lost count. Torn calf 3 times - never fully reovered. It has been a very dark time. I'm now 1 week from the last tear and heading out, finally, to try aqua running.

5 min w/u
2 x 5 x 1:30 hard with 2 min between sets and :30 between intervals.
5 min w/d.

We'll see if I encounter sharks or turtles as the pool is not deep enough. Gawds I'm not looking forward to this. I've gained something like 5 kilos and it is ALL fat.


Going to try 2 weeks of this and then hope to return to running.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

an update of sorts.

Q. Where have I been?
A. I have not been posting.

I hope this clears everything up.

When things aren't going well, I tend to clam up. Two Saturdays ago (or something like that, it was a Saturday anyway) I tore my soleus (calf muscle) (say it with me now...) A Freaking Gain. Yes. The injury that will not die. I thought I was doing everything right - increasing mileage by 10% or less per week, increasing the long run by 10% or less weekly, and walking 3/4 mile before every run.

Well, it turns out that maybe I wasn't replacing electrolytes well, and I DEFINITELY should not have increased mileage and number of running days at the same time, and oh, all along, I should have been doing or getting calf massage. Oops.

I was about 3 miles into a 5 mile run and luckily Sixto was out on JanTen with his ATV so I was able to get a ride back home and hopefully no do more damage. During this recovery, however, I've realized that the endorphins were masking a good tear and it is taking a LOT longer to recover. But I found a chiro and masseuse and have been getting muscles and bones taken care of. I had my first medicinal run on Monday (run no longer than 3 minutes) and realized I am pretty screwed. I'll try again tomorrow and have resigned myself to using the chiro to finally kick this injury to the curb.

I was thinking about a 10K in Merida on the 21st, but we'll have to see what the soleus has to say about that. In other news, I gave myself two new poses (Ashtanga) and for the first time today, made it through a practice without injuring my back. Only I could injure my back (over and over again) doing Yoga. Ugh. I think the constant attempts at jump throughs did it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

boohoo neuroma

Well, either my 7.5 miles on Sunday or the long week of 25 miles plus 3 days officiating at the Mayakoba PGA golf tourney inflamed my (Dr. Google diagnosed) Mortons neuroma hugely. I've never had trouble walking - just running over 5 or 6 miles and I just tough it out and it is pretty much gone by the next day. From the research I'm doing, however, it looks like this is the WrONG way to approach this injury. So I've got a piece of foam stuck between my toes and I'm trying to keep the foot bones off the nerve and hopefully decrease the swelling. Cause really, I'm just looking at my next run. Damn the torpedoes, I'm all about the run these days. I guess if worse comes worse, I can try aqua running (though I'm not sure that will really do any good).

So I'm looking at shoes and orthotics and hoping the swelling goes down enough for a short (4 mile) run tomorrow. I need a better pair or shoes though and I'm hoping I find a mule to bring me a couple to try on.

Last week was my highest mileage week - 25 miles of running and another 4-5 of walking. The best fix for the neuroma seems to be cryosurgery and there are only 3 doing the "gold standard". One in AZ, one in FL and one in TX (Rio Grande Valley). Just 4 days away by car. Might be an option if the orthotics,, do not work.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chilly penguins

So, today I had my longest run, 8.5 miles. I'm not as over-the-moon as last week because I kind of knew I could do it from last week. I'm not sure how much more I have in me at this point - I was thinking, about the 5 mile point, that maybe I could do the Guad 21K on the 21st, but by mile 7 I knew that stuff like that is for young kids, not old farts like me. So I'll keep looking and maybe I can find a 21K closer than Monterey by the end of April or so. Stuff down here happens so quickly that I wouldn't be surprised if a 21K just popped onto the calendar with 2 weeks to go.

I was REALLY happy with my HR (136 average) and the fact that I kept it slow as I wondered if I'd be able to run this at a 12 min/mile pace. My HR has been much higher this past week, but I'm thinking now it was just heat-induced. I'm very happy with the 11 min/mile pace and really very happy with 8.5 miles. I think I was a little high at the end but my feet hurt so bad I'm not sure. :) It has been a little warm here lately (between nortes) and we've had a couple days of high 90'sF with the heat index. I was hoping the rain last night would bring cooler weather for this morning's run but I had no idea a norte was coming in. It was FRIGID this morning!

It was FREEZING this morning - 70F and 69% and I seriously considered gloves. As it was, I had tights and a long-sleeved shirt over a drythingie shirt. It was perfect. I froze once I stopped running so if it is ever this cold again I'll know to run directly to the palapa instead of stopping at Don Pepe's. All in all, I'm very pleased, I had energy and I know I had more in me. I'm going to stay at 8 miles for hte next couple weeks, I was really very fine through mile 7. Ball of the foot pain began about mile 6 and was bad that mile then went in and out the rest of the run. After run, right ankle was VERY sore. Weird.

Next week I'm going to start Art's base mileage plan at week 10 but I'll probably make that 7 mile run an 8 miler. I also think my Asics are about done. I've only got 80 miles on the Nikes so I think I'll start using those more often and find someone to mule me down a new pair of shoes. I can't decide if I want Brooks Gylcerin, Defyance or New Balance 1063's.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Two weeks ago I tried running in Playacar (cement roads) and suffered and blew up horribly. I posted at Daily Mile and the consensus was that I was probably dehydrated. It was a warm day that day and I had no electrolytes with me - just a scoop of Cytomax before I left home. I remembered that around 6 miles I was trying to run and my hamstrings, from my ass to my ankle began to cramp up so I stopped. I felt really awful afterwards, I've run 10Ks so I was pretty sure it was physically possible but I was really wondering if I'd ever be able to run anything longer than a 10K. Also, my (Dr. Google-diagnosed) Morton's neuroma reared its UGLY and DEAFENING head around 5 miles and I was DYING from the pain, so that made it really hard to run also.

So today I had another 7 mile run to attempt. I honestly had no idea if it was even possible, but I was going to try. I took a camera out, a waterbottle with water and a prepared bottle of Poweraid. I've got to say, i was loaded down for the first .5 mile. It was COLD this morning - 84F with 48% made for a really cool start. I wore shorts, dryfit shortsleeve and long sleeve over it. I have to thank Angela, one of my neighbors for muling down some running stuff for me. I got 4 Nike Tempo shorts and 5 dryfit shirts off Ebay and now I feel like a REAL runner. Before I was using the boys cotton shorts and Tshirts.

Took off the long sleeve at about 1.5 miles in. This was almost 3 complete out-and-backs of JanTen and I'm shocked at how lovely the run was. Up to the 5 mile point I was still wondering if I'd make 7. Used the Asics and loosened the forefoot laces and had burning ball-of-foot only around 5.5-6 miles and then It Went Away! I couldn't believe it. I've NEVER had that pain LEAVE during a run and now I"m really encouraged that maybe I can run long runs!

I'm really so psyched I actually made the distance after failing horribly last time. the weather and electrolytes really made a difference. I barely made my last (Friday 4 mile) run but today I totally could have gone longer. I had a bottle of Poweraid the first 5 miles and then switched over to water. No idea of my max HR but I finally felt like I was settling into a pace somewhere around 4 miles and I really never looked at my watch for splits or HR info. It was an AMAZING run. I could get used to running in low humidity. :)

I brought a camera along and tried to take some pics as I ran...

Monday, February 01, 2010

moderation...when will i learn?

I think I figured out how people can talk themselves into more mileage too soon. I was sick on Sat and Sun and about every couple hours I'd try to convince myself to go for a (reduced mileage) run even though just doing dishes and laundry was exhausting me. Today I had a reduced mileage week on tap, but since I didn't do the 7 mile long run yesterday (or the 10K I'd had planned) I figured last week could be my rest week and I'll repeat last week's mileage this week. I'm just in a base mode anyway. So I was supposed ot do a 2 mile run this am, but was feeling so good I made it 4.

I've also been snacking VERY POORLY with cookies and brownies (made them for the palaperos, but they got very few in comparison to how many we ate) and have gained about 2 kilos over the last week. Some of it is cycle-related - oh, I guess I shouldn't be doing Ashtanga tomorrow, but I'm so crim I will probably ignore that also.

I think I will try for the Feb 7th 10K in Merida (I loved the feeling of running the last one so much am dying to do another) but we'll see how it goes.

Resting HR holding steady at 48-49; weight up to 75.6 today. Ugh. I didn't even wait for the fat % as the scale was bad enough.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

winter weather = good run

Well, I think I've found the perfect running weather. I looked through my spreadsheet/training log and found the best runs were at 73Fish and 77% humidity (or thereabouts). Had a GREAT run today - 5.25 miles and I left the gadgets at home. Course, for me, that means watch and HR monitor. No Garmin here. :) I brought the pace down a couple times, just based on how good I was feeling and the "need" to push the pace, and ended the run ready for more. If the 10K this Sunday is in similar weather (I doubt it - this weather is solely due to a norte blowing through) I think I have a great run. Either way, I'll be happy to run in Merida again.

I'm looking at shoes again. The Nikes I picked up in the US to replace my Asics are just not working out and Dr. Google has diagnosed me with metatarsalgia. It really only rears its head after 4 miles or so, and I'm not sure what to do to "cure" it. The only real problem is the real possibility of stress fracture and I really don't want that - I've read enough running blogs to know how to avoid those with the 10% rule - but I am NOT going to stop running. So hmmm... At this point, I'm not sure a marathon is in the cards anymore, but I'm going to try either a Brooks or New Balance shoe and see what happens.

I hit 73.5 kilos this week but after eating 1/2 my weight in brownies (I baked them for the palaperos) I have a feeling that I'll be ballooning up overnight. I'm really happy with the weightloss so far - I took 15 kilos off the last 1/2 of 2007, kept it off last year (well, I ping-ponged with 5 kilos for a while) and am finally continuing to decrease.

I have 4 miles on Friday and the 10K on Sunday and then next week is supposed to be a "rest" week with 3 mile runs and a "long run" of (I think) 5 miles or something.

In homeschooling news, Jesse has jumped into a schedule and I'm really proud of him. He has quite a bit of catching up to do with his younger brother, but man, he is QUICK when he wants to be.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

ugh. I'm such a wimp

Dayum. I headed to town today to meet up with some local runners who didn't show up. The loop I had planned to do is all concrete although I occassionally ran on pavers and some grass. The first loop (3.6m) wasn't bad - 42 minutes - I was trying to keep my HR under 150 and succeeded. It felt like a Really Long Loop though, but it could be I'm just used to having a turnaround every 1.25 miles.

I headed out for the 2nd loop and really only made it another 20 minutes before I had serious thoughts of stopping. I tried a Galloway and mentally chastised myself but only made it 8 min before wanting to stop for a walk break. My stomach was not good, but I did eat a banana and had 1/2 scoop cytomax before I left, so I'm not really sure what the problem is. I think next time I'm going to try Cytomax DuRING the run and see if that makes a difference. I just couldn't convince myself to power through and then got sick to my stomach. I KNOW I could have just sucked it up and worked through it but I'm just a wimp. Ugh. I'm so disappointed in myself.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

first tempo except not

So, yesterday I attempted a tempo run. Unfortunately, I didn't check to see what exactly a tempo run was BEFORE I ran. After I got back I researched and found I did it all wrong. But anyway, I decided to go out hard and hold on. My HR was over 160 the last 2 miles and I was hurting pretty badly from mile 2.75 on and the entire 4th mile I was running from landmark to landmark. "Ok, just to the palm tree. Ok, now to the turnout. Ok, now just to the log..."

I made it home and had my highest average pace AND my fastest mile (9:30) but I was D.E.A.D. Strangely, about 15-30 minutes later I was feeling absolutely GREAT and looking forward to the next one. This was the first time I've pushed myself this hard in running and now the mental block is over. It was weird how good I felt the rest of the day - even my knees stopped aching!

Tomorrow I have a 7 mile run planned. I'm kind of nervous about it. I'm planning on running in town with a group and maybe that will make the miles go faster. If nothing else, I might find I need to get an MP3 player for the longer runs. It will be really nice not having to do umpteen (seriously, about 6 loops of the same old same old).

I've also revamped my training schedule and picked NONE. :) I meshed together a few programs and this is the week to come:

Monday (I'm going to make my back-to-back days a long run and recovery run) 2 miles recovery

Tuesday: 1/2 primary Ashtanga (eventually I'm going to xtrain with swimming)

Wednesday: 5 miles tempo - 5x3 min tempo pace with 60s jog between

Thursday: 1/2 primary Ashtanga

Friday: 4.5 with 11 min/mile pace (10:45-11:15)

Saturday: 1/2 primary Ashtanga (this might be my first swim day)

Sunday: 10K in Merida. This time I'm going to time myself. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

training program, CHECK

I think I've finally made a decision. I'm not going to try to do the Ironman cozumel even though it really intrigues me because I'm just not sure my body can do a marathon. The entry fee is GIGANTIC, at $525USD so it isn't anything you can do on a whim. I will DEFINITELY volunteer though and maybe, in 2011...

So, that decision made, I figure that with cross training I should be able to do the Cancun 1/2 Ironman pretty easily (though in September it is going to be scorching) so I might do that on a whim but I will definitely just make my main training marathon-related. As such, I settled on a training program. I was really leaning towards Hal Higedon and while I'm doing base miles I just might waffle around, but starting next week, I'm going with Santa Clarita and next week will move from 4 days/week of running to 5, but lower mileage each day. My lower back is starting to complain about back-to-back Tues and Wed, so I'm not sure that is such a good idea, but I do need to figure out if I can do 5 days/week or not. Argh. Maybe once I lose another 5 kilos my body will be able to handle the frequency. If not, I'll go with Hal and do longer days with less frequency.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 6 probably

I had a somewhat horrific run on Sunday. Since I had run the 10K in Merida last sunday I figured I was up for another 10K. It was warm (77F with 89% humidity IIRC) and I wore short sleeves for the first time this year. We've been hammered with one norte after another lately and I've been in shorts and long sleeves so it was nice to finally strip down a little. I had a good 5.5 miles and then I just wanted to stop. I was super nauseous and D.O.N.E. so I kept going for another 1/2 mile to get my six in and threw up. Jamie says I need nutrition before I run - I can't run on an empty stomach and 1/2 a scoop of Cytomax. So, I'll try more Cytomax and/or a banana on Tuesday.

I had an awful first 3 miles today - my legs felt like lead and it was 82F/77% humidity but felt cooler for the first 2 miles than Sunday. Somehow I was able to suck it up for the 4th mile and hammered out an average 10:45 pace. That last mile hurt like hell but I was really glad I hammered it out. Got up to 168HR too!

I've been finding some local runs - a 10K on the 31st in Merida and another on Feb 7th. I'm also close to picking my marathon to shoot for and thus, arrange my training. I had some dreams of an Ironman or even 1/2 (I think I could probably phone in the swim and bike but the run would kill me) but I think I'm just going to focus on the marathon this year and maybe do the 1/2 Ironman in Cancun. I'd much rather do Cozumel (prettier and better spectators) but I really don't know if I'd be able to do a full Ironman AND it has a $525USD entry fee!!!!

I also really need to pick a training program - I know what I'm doing this week (same as last week, probably; 4 on Tuesday, 2 on Wed, 4 on Fri and 6 on Sun) but I really need to get that in gear also.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dusting off the old blogger

I'm starting to wonder why I've separated the blogs (hopalog and this one) and can only figure that I don't want to clutter the blog with running stuff. Because that's pretty much all this will be about is running.

I recently decided to train for a marathon. Well, first I decided a 1/2 marathon would be good. Then I figured, what the hell, why not go for broke? I'm only at 4mile runs anyway, so it's not a big deal yet. No pain yet. We'll see if I can stay injury free and then whether or not I actually go through with it. I once did a 1/2 Ironman length triathlon but that was some 25 years ago. I started running as an exercise I realized I enjoyed, that would help me lose weight. I lost about 15kg by December 2008 and kept it off last year (through running and watching what I eat). I probably have 5-10kg more to take off but now I'm just maintaining. I really thought I could just keep running as exercise, but found I enjoyed the challenge of adding more mileage. I then ran a 10K as a spur of the moment thing (Jan 10th) and had such a fun time that I decided I wanted to do more.

So I'm looking at training programs and trying to pick a marathon that I might like. I'm leaning towards Mazatlan, DF and now see that Acapulco has one (but so far, little info). I'm doing a base buildup (basically training for a 1/2) of 16 weeks or so and am currently on week 5. Well, it is a bastardized training program as I'm jumping in at week 5 or so. I also haven't picked one training program and I know everyone says to just PICK ONE and stick with it, but I haven't yet.

Yesterday was my first foray into running 2 days in a row. Seriously, I've never run consecutive days. I know most runners do 5 days a week but I'm not sure I'd be injury-free if I did that. I'm not really into Galloway either; I don't like the idea of walking while I run but more importantly, I HATE how I feel when I walk/run. I've done it when doing the C25K program and it really messes up my stride, flow and head. Course, if I ever get to mile 20 of a marathon, I might be feeling differently.

I know I should be doing some core today but it was just too cold at 70-75F. Yikes! I also need to figure out WHAT to do for core exercises. :)