Monday, February 01, 2010

moderation...when will i learn?

I think I figured out how people can talk themselves into more mileage too soon. I was sick on Sat and Sun and about every couple hours I'd try to convince myself to go for a (reduced mileage) run even though just doing dishes and laundry was exhausting me. Today I had a reduced mileage week on tap, but since I didn't do the 7 mile long run yesterday (or the 10K I'd had planned) I figured last week could be my rest week and I'll repeat last week's mileage this week. I'm just in a base mode anyway. So I was supposed ot do a 2 mile run this am, but was feeling so good I made it 4.

I've also been snacking VERY POORLY with cookies and brownies (made them for the palaperos, but they got very few in comparison to how many we ate) and have gained about 2 kilos over the last week. Some of it is cycle-related - oh, I guess I shouldn't be doing Ashtanga tomorrow, but I'm so crim I will probably ignore that also.

I think I will try for the Feb 7th 10K in Merida (I loved the feeling of running the last one so much am dying to do another) but we'll see how it goes.

Resting HR holding steady at 48-49; weight up to 75.6 today. Ugh. I didn't even wait for the fat % as the scale was bad enough.


Robin said...

Hi Kathy,

I noticed I missed posting your January 31st race (FAIL!), and was just searching online for some info about it (having Google translate for me!)... then I clicked over to your blog to see how you did, so I could post a race recap. Looks like you didn't make it out for the race, but maybe one this Sunday?? I'm posting accordingly.

Take care,

P.S. - I can TOTALLY eat my weight in brownies, would die from high blood sugar level. Ugh! LOVE brownies. :-) Enjoy1

Kathy said...

Thanks so much, Robin. The abaniles are working this weekend (cement guys?) and so we really can't go anywhere. I'm not too sure when I'll race again as I'm now trying to make my long runs longer than a 10K. There is one in Campeche in March though. Down here, you really don't get notification about races until a week or two before the event. Unless it is a really big one. :) Thanks so much for the shout on your blog though!