Friday, August 06, 2010

f*cking calf

Managed to damage the calf again just before I headed out to the beach today. Ugh. I'm starting to think this (2nd original injury) will need a full 2 weeks to recover. I'm starting to wonder why even bother if I'm never going to run again. Sigh. I also managed to BREAK MY TOE walking to the beach!

40 minutes (I was only going to do 30-mind-numbing minutes) of steady stupid f*cking water running. No intervals today. Didn't want to stress the calf further.

8/3 The water was rather rough today but it was the wicked current that worried me enough to cut my swim in 1/2. I didn't want to get tired enough to get dragged over to Cozumel ;).

8/5 Didn't get attacked by anything today - that's a plus! :) Yesterday I came out the the water bloody with no idea how or why. Decided to increase the swim a bit today and my shoulder is not happy with me. I guess I need to start PT for it if I'm going to continue swimming. Did IM stroke work today. Big black clouds on the horizon all swim. Water super calm today - calmest yet, and I was constantly distracted by all the pretty fish.

8/8 No, I really DON'T like barracudas. So I was 1/2 way through my workout when I saw this GIANT barracuda hanging on the sandy floor, his mouth nicely open so I could see all the rows of sharp teeth. I swam FAST back to shore (at least 100 yd) and ran up to John (divemaster) absolutely ready to cut the workout short. He goes on to tell me that barracudas are not agressive - they are so strong and so fast that if they were, I'd have no hope. Um, thanks for the pep talk?

So I make it for 2 more taps (300 yd) and see him again. I've now swum over him 4 times. I am not going for 6. So I cut the swim short. Yes, I know I'm a baby. A baby will ALL my toes. for now...

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