Sunday, July 25, 2010

oops I did it again

I am really getting sick of this. Back to the water - calf tear on Tuesday. I water ran Wed, Thurs and Friday and then walked 3 miles today. I am so fucking sick of this injury. I can't imagine what else to try other than The Stick each and every day.

I just can't seem to lick this stupid fucking injury. I had just begun to think I could plan a race (September 5th - Campeche 21K) and now I have no idea if I'll be running that day - who knows when this will pop up again.

So very sick of it.

But apparently, not sick enough to stop running. Next week I'll walk and water run again (oh, poor me, I have to water run in the Caribbean - life is SO rough!) and then next Tuesday try it again.

One weird thing is that this time I had bottom of the heel pain in the opposite leg (as the injury). I've made a handmade lift (as that leg is short) and I wonder if the gel of the lift is too hard...

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