Monday, February 22, 2010

boohoo neuroma

Well, either my 7.5 miles on Sunday or the long week of 25 miles plus 3 days officiating at the Mayakoba PGA golf tourney inflamed my (Dr. Google diagnosed) Mortons neuroma hugely. I've never had trouble walking - just running over 5 or 6 miles and I just tough it out and it is pretty much gone by the next day. From the research I'm doing, however, it looks like this is the WrONG way to approach this injury. So I've got a piece of foam stuck between my toes and I'm trying to keep the foot bones off the nerve and hopefully decrease the swelling. Cause really, I'm just looking at my next run. Damn the torpedoes, I'm all about the run these days. I guess if worse comes worse, I can try aqua running (though I'm not sure that will really do any good).

So I'm looking at shoes and orthotics and hoping the swelling goes down enough for a short (4 mile) run tomorrow. I need a better pair or shoes though and I'm hoping I find a mule to bring me a couple to try on.

Last week was my highest mileage week - 25 miles of running and another 4-5 of walking. The best fix for the neuroma seems to be cryosurgery and there are only 3 doing the "gold standard". One in AZ, one in FL and one in TX (Rio Grande Valley). Just 4 days away by car. Might be an option if the orthotics,, do not work.

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