Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Swimming and aqua running

Tried to swim without goggles. I almost ended up on the reef in front of Don Pepe's haus so back to the middle I went and absolultey zig-zagged myslef to the reef and back again. It was insane. I tried both breast and back but I wasn't going to do a full mile of breast and back so I bagged it after one loop. 300 yds.

Finished up with 39 min of water running. I was DYING today. I wanted to stop after the first one (I did 6 x 5:00 with 1:00 between each one) and had originally had plans for 8 but I was dead after 5 and getting to 6 was about all I could do. I dunno why my legs were so dead but they were. I had NOTHING out there. Hoping for a better day tomorrow - I really didn't even feel like going out there; I should be back on the roads today. big sigh.

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