Saturday, December 18, 2010

absolute insanity

I don't know how you people north of the border do it. I haven't been able to even think of a run or ride in this weather. All I can do is huddle in my folks' RV, park myself under a heater and wait for the day we go home. The sky is grey, there is no blue, there is no joy, it is depressing as hell and I think I'm slowly going insane and I've only been 'in country' 2 days. I don't even want to THINK about exercise and going outside in that frigid weather - how do you people stand this? I'm frozen at 20C - I'm not sure how the temps compare because the US is not metric but the rental car shows mid 50s - OMG I just want to huddle in warmth and count the days until we go home. Luckily I'm working so I can excuse my lack of exercise with work but hell, at home, I was counting the hours until I got my first bike ride or run in and midday meant swim (with my 14yo) and hope no rays or cuddas but now my clock is all messed up (we went from Central to Pacific) and I'm depressed as hell. And it rains All The Fucking Time.

Geez, you people are gods to exercise in this weather. I need to find some motivation and figure something out as my ass is just spreading wider and my belly is growing to meet my "desk." One of my daughters said something cute the other day - our first day? - as she filled the bath (which she hasn't had in over a year) she remarked that "Aunty Chris must be really rich to use drinking water for a bath!"

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