Monday, November 29, 2010

things that make you go hmmm...

I'm starting to wonder if this sit bone pain is not muscle related or something. I have converted my desk to a standing desk (I work at a computer all day so I've changed from sitting at my desk to standing) and while sitting tonight the side of my thigh got numb. If cycling is giving me injuries I might need to go bionic. I started cycling to give my chronically injured calf muscle a rest (a year of tearing the calf muscle every 3 months) but the sit bone pain seems to be radiating outwards but I can't reproduce it on palpation so that says likely not muscle. Sigh. Tomorrow is another ride day so we'll see how it goes. It is always worse when I ride two days in a row and this starts my 4th week of cycling (since 1994 or so) and I'm hoping it gets less painful sooner rather than later.

I futzed around enough today that it was just about feeding time by the time Pike and I headed out for a swim. I was shocked to see that the tourist boat (we usually see at midday) was still there when we got to the beach. The tourists were still in the restaurant eating so either they were running as late as we were or they run twice a day. The water was SUPER rough - in the trough of the wave you could see neither the waves crashing on the reef nor the shore and murky. I really hate murky water. I had thought of doing 6 laps but I really hate being out there at feeding time also so we did 4 (probably took as long as 6 as the water was So Rough) and called it a day.

I then celebrated with a 10 min run. I'm back on the wagon trying to run again and had planned on a week of 10 min runs but wouldn't you know it, half way through I was already planning on skipping this week and just going straight to 10/20/10/20/10/0/30. I wonder WHY I keep getting injured? Geez! So slapped myself around a bit and will hold firm to 10/10/10/10/10/10/10. But after 3 weeks of cycling and 2-3 weeks of NO running, the legs felt Very Very Weird on the run - stiff and not really working well. It took almost the entire 10 minutes to feel "right". I'm hopeful that this plan will keep me injury free but I REALLY have to rein myself in and stop pushing and learn to hold back. You'd think by my age I'd have learned and if not you'd think I'd want to avoid injury but there is no logic when I have a number (goal) in my head.

I've been buying jerseys and shorts (well just one pair) on Ebay for a couple weeks and can't wait to get to the US to get them. Right now Jamie holds all my stuff as I have no pockets and usually just wear a t-shirt or running top. Luckily I was able to get some De Soto Tri shorts to him just before he came back from WI so I do have those and I'm sloshing around an old pair of his shoes (after he got sick of me wearing my running shoes on the bike). I also have my eye on a pretty local jersey. When we get back from our US trip I should be styling on that bike, assuming my sit bone finally adjusts.

Sunday was Cozumel. I really wanted to go over and had planned to volunteer but I just couldn't. Jesse was sick with a ton of homework and taking the whole famdamily over there would have run upwards of $720 MN.

It seems like all the cool tri kids sum up their week in numbers, so as I'm always one to join the latest fads (my family members, if they even know of this blog are vomiting now) here is the last week in numbers:

Swim 5440 yd (only 2 workouts, I was just Not Into Swimming last week) prolly 1.5 hours.
Bike 112.91 m (4 bikes) and 6 hours 4 min.
Run: Injured.

This week I have 4 swims planned, 4 bikes and 6 runs.

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

I found your blog via 201Ironman

I have calf issues as well, I know how you feel, last season I had to ditch tris all together and just did aquabikes for a season to heal up, I hope yours heals up faster then mine

I like the jersey