Saturday, January 23, 2010

first tempo except not

So, yesterday I attempted a tempo run. Unfortunately, I didn't check to see what exactly a tempo run was BEFORE I ran. After I got back I researched and found I did it all wrong. But anyway, I decided to go out hard and hold on. My HR was over 160 the last 2 miles and I was hurting pretty badly from mile 2.75 on and the entire 4th mile I was running from landmark to landmark. "Ok, just to the palm tree. Ok, now to the turnout. Ok, now just to the log..."

I made it home and had my highest average pace AND my fastest mile (9:30) but I was D.E.A.D. Strangely, about 15-30 minutes later I was feeling absolutely GREAT and looking forward to the next one. This was the first time I've pushed myself this hard in running and now the mental block is over. It was weird how good I felt the rest of the day - even my knees stopped aching!

Tomorrow I have a 7 mile run planned. I'm kind of nervous about it. I'm planning on running in town with a group and maybe that will make the miles go faster. If nothing else, I might find I need to get an MP3 player for the longer runs. It will be really nice not having to do umpteen (seriously, about 6 loops of the same old same old).

I've also revamped my training schedule and picked NONE. :) I meshed together a few programs and this is the week to come:

Monday (I'm going to make my back-to-back days a long run and recovery run) 2 miles recovery

Tuesday: 1/2 primary Ashtanga (eventually I'm going to xtrain with swimming)

Wednesday: 5 miles tempo - 5x3 min tempo pace with 60s jog between

Thursday: 1/2 primary Ashtanga

Friday: 4.5 with 11 min/mile pace (10:45-11:15)

Saturday: 1/2 primary Ashtanga (this might be my first swim day)

Sunday: 10K in Merida. This time I'm going to time myself. :)

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