Friday, December 10, 2010

la virgincita

Every time we get out on the carretera (pic is Jamie headed out ahead of me to the carretera) I'm reminded how lucky we are to ride here. Even though the roads are FLAT and we're only able to ride the carretera (only paved road for hundreds of kilometers) the drivers we share the road with are amazingly polite. The doble semi-remolques (I'm not sure what they are in the US - 2 18-wheeler like trailers pulled by one semi) will always pull into the next lane to pass us and oncoming traffic will wait for us to pass at retornos before making their retorno (so as to not interrupt and make us stop). We're always given wide berth by all cars and it is hard to imagine the rage that cyclists in the US get.

We're deep in the season of pilgrims for La Virgin and they're all over the carretera going both north and south, running and cycling. I hope to get some pictures tomorrow assuming my leg will hold up to a cycle since I tore it pretty badly last run. It was acting up and I decided to stretch it, but a stretch was the WORST decision I could have made. I then walked around on it all day today at the COP 16 climate change exhibition and that was another bad idea. Since Jamie absolutely trashed himself today trying to attain a 22mph average I'm hoping he'll be tired enough tomorrow for an easy day on the bike. I'm not sure what this calf has in it for cycling when I'm hobbling on foot.


Meg said...

I can't wait to see the pictures...who ARE the pilgrims exactly and where is La Virgin?
I'm curious!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Ok, I admit, I am jealous over the nice drivers you encounter while biking, we do not get that here, its like your flirting with disaster riding your bike here, that why 95% of the time, I go with a group.

Jody said...

I get that here at the coast. Everyone is very considerate of me on the bike, and they are extra cautious as they pass me and turn etc. I am sort of the annomoly here, so I think they recognize me and there is that small town thing going for me.

Crack me up about Jamie. Tell him to come on to Rockport and i'll show him 22 mph. ;*) *jab*