Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chilly penguins

So, today I had my longest run, 8.5 miles. I'm not as over-the-moon as last week because I kind of knew I could do it from last week. I'm not sure how much more I have in me at this point - I was thinking, about the 5 mile point, that maybe I could do the Guad 21K on the 21st, but by mile 7 I knew that stuff like that is for young kids, not old farts like me. So I'll keep looking and maybe I can find a 21K closer than Monterey by the end of April or so. Stuff down here happens so quickly that I wouldn't be surprised if a 21K just popped onto the calendar with 2 weeks to go.

I was REALLY happy with my HR (136 average) and the fact that I kept it slow as I wondered if I'd be able to run this at a 12 min/mile pace. My HR has been much higher this past week, but I'm thinking now it was just heat-induced. I'm very happy with the 11 min/mile pace and really very happy with 8.5 miles. I think I was a little high at the end but my feet hurt so bad I'm not sure. :) It has been a little warm here lately (between nortes) and we've had a couple days of high 90'sF with the heat index. I was hoping the rain last night would bring cooler weather for this morning's run but I had no idea a norte was coming in. It was FRIGID this morning!

It was FREEZING this morning - 70F and 69% and I seriously considered gloves. As it was, I had tights and a long-sleeved shirt over a drythingie shirt. It was perfect. I froze once I stopped running so if it is ever this cold again I'll know to run directly to the palapa instead of stopping at Don Pepe's. All in all, I'm very pleased, I had energy and I know I had more in me. I'm going to stay at 8 miles for hte next couple weeks, I was really very fine through mile 7. Ball of the foot pain began about mile 6 and was bad that mile then went in and out the rest of the run. After run, right ankle was VERY sore. Weird.

Next week I'm going to start Art's base mileage plan at week 10 but I'll probably make that 7 mile run an 8 miler. I also think my Asics are about done. I've only got 80 miles on the Nikes so I think I'll start using those more often and find someone to mule me down a new pair of shoes. I can't decide if I want Brooks Gylcerin, Defyance or New Balance 1063's.

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