Thursday, July 01, 2010

I really really really hate thinking up a title

So, long story short, life pretty much stopped when I got injured. I spent most of March and April trying to come back and reinjuring myself. I was SO fracking sick of my fracking calf I can't tell you. But I finally found the magic and I really wish it was something other that just freaking rest that damn calf but apparently it is a 2-week minimum rest when i tear. Body keeps getting older.

I have been holding steady with 20 mile weeks and recently decided to jump into Hal's 1/2 marathon training program at week 7. All the long races here aren't until Fall (November/December) so there is really no point in training for a race now. I might take in a 10K over in Merida one of these days but for now I'm thinking of Carrera de las Tres Culturas (run through 3 archeological sites 21km) and maybe a 16km in Uxmal beginning October. I was seriously thinking about a bicentennial run in DF but I think it will just be craziness cubed and too expensive so I'm sure I'll find a slew of local races to celebrate the bicentennial.

I ran through Tropical Storm Alex's winds the last few days - we got the dirty side and we've had day after day of brutal seas (no swimming) and brutal winds. The rain was neverending and I found that the cold water really kept my neuroma to a minimum on the long (7mile) run day. Interesting. Today the winds had finally died down enough for me to do 1/2 primary Ashtanga (yoga) without getting sandblasted. Dunno when I'll ever get back in the water. I'm tenatively thinking about the 1/2 Ironman (apparently all the kool kidz call them 70.3 but since I was doing the Santa Barbara 1/2 Ironman back when those kool kidz were in diapers I'll call it whatever I damn please :)) in Cancun. Course that means more water time and definite bike time. We'll see.

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joyRuN said...

Thanks so much for that link - very awesome!

I'll be headed to the pool this afternoon & might try the workout. It's no Caribbean though...