Sunday, July 25, 2010

oops I did it again

I am really getting sick of this. Back to the water - calf tear on Tuesday. I water ran Wed, Thurs and Friday and then walked 3 miles today. I am so fucking sick of this injury. I can't imagine what else to try other than The Stick each and every day.

I just can't seem to lick this stupid fucking injury. I had just begun to think I could plan a race (September 5th - Campeche 21K) and now I have no idea if I'll be running that day - who knows when this will pop up again.

So very sick of it.

But apparently, not sick enough to stop running. Next week I'll walk and water run again (oh, poor me, I have to water run in the Caribbean - life is SO rough!) and then next Tuesday try it again.

One weird thing is that this time I had bottom of the heel pain in the opposite leg (as the injury). I've made a handmade lift (as that leg is short) and I wonder if the gel of the lift is too hard...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazing week

After the week before I really wasn't expecting much this week. I almost had decided on a step-down week (I really DO need to do that soon - maybe the week to come?) and figured I'd just start the week with my usual 4.5m run. It is an odd number but because of my route (I have the choice of, oh, ONE route) which is 3 miles out-and-back and I only know where the .75 and 1.25 miles locate to on the route. It wasn't a bad run as the temperature had plummeted to around 25-26C with 90% humidity. Sweet weather. Tuesday I managed to break the 10-minute barrier with a 9:45 average for me 3-mile run. That was amazingly sweet and I felt really good the whole run so it seemed that my week was turning around (due to the cold weather no doubt) and I nixed the idea of a step-down week. Today I wasn't sure if I'd do 8, 9 or 10 miles but by morning had figured out how many loops I'd need for 10 and how to structure the hydration and I had a great 10-mile run. The last mile was heavy but I certainly wasn't dead at the end - just glad to stop. Now that I'm in double digits I feel like a "real" runner. I'm guessing that I should probably make next week a step-down week.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I don't know what it is about yoga that kills my back, but for something that is supposed to be so good for you, it sure screws up my back, at least in the beginning. I think I'm trying too hard for the jump-throughs (Ashtanga). I backed off them on Thursday and had a much better practice today. I've moved down to the beach and do my practice there - I don't really see the sun come up as we've tilted too far south, but I do watch the sun creep across the sand and light up the bay. It's pretty sweet.

Running is going well other than a death march on Friday. I had a great 5K for a dailymile challenge that seems to have screwed up. It was supposed to be a 4-week challenge with the opportunity to win a Timex Ironman watch but apparently it ended with the fastest 5K in the first week. Shrug. Tomorrow I have another 8 miles /13 K on schedule and after Friday's "run" I'm really dreading it. I've been hydrating like mad, hoping that it will help my dead legs but I doubt it will.

I've been having weirdness with my head lately - I have been with vertigo since the beginning of the year but certain poses (yoga) or positions will drastically cut off blood flow and boy do I get dizzy then. Yeah, I know, just DON'T do it. I've started tracking food again as I've been moving UP the scale and I would REALLY like to go DOWN but 75 seems to be an easy weight to hold. I'm hungry All The Time though, so it is hard. I've decided to work only on tracking food and stop eating at night. So hard not to though...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I really really really hate thinking up a title

So, long story short, life pretty much stopped when I got injured. I spent most of March and April trying to come back and reinjuring myself. I was SO fracking sick of my fracking calf I can't tell you. But I finally found the magic and I really wish it was something other that just freaking rest that damn calf but apparently it is a 2-week minimum rest when i tear. Body keeps getting older.

I have been holding steady with 20 mile weeks and recently decided to jump into Hal's 1/2 marathon training program at week 7. All the long races here aren't until Fall (November/December) so there is really no point in training for a race now. I might take in a 10K over in Merida one of these days but for now I'm thinking of Carrera de las Tres Culturas (run through 3 archeological sites 21km) and maybe a 16km in Uxmal beginning October. I was seriously thinking about a bicentennial run in DF but I think it will just be craziness cubed and too expensive so I'm sure I'll find a slew of local races to celebrate the bicentennial.

I ran through Tropical Storm Alex's winds the last few days - we got the dirty side and we've had day after day of brutal seas (no swimming) and brutal winds. The rain was neverending and I found that the cold water really kept my neuroma to a minimum on the long (7mile) run day. Interesting. Today the winds had finally died down enough for me to do 1/2 primary Ashtanga (yoga) without getting sandblasted. Dunno when I'll ever get back in the water. I'm tenatively thinking about the 1/2 Ironman (apparently all the kool kidz call them 70.3 but since I was doing the Santa Barbara 1/2 Ironman back when those kool kidz were in diapers I'll call it whatever I damn please :)) in Cancun. Course that means more water time and definite bike time. We'll see.