Thursday, September 27, 2012

The awesomeness that was Cozumel

I have yet to attend any race, 10K, 5K, HIM, sprint, IM, in Mexico that did not have a PLETHORA of ice water available.  Because I never train with cold/ice water, I'm always SO Surprised, each and every time I get cold water in a race and I appreciate the Hell out of it.  Again, Cozumel did not disappoint.  Not only was there cold water for the drinking, on the last vuelta of the run, volunteers were offering to dump ice cold water (ice cubes included) on your head.  There were spectators with hoses offering to douse people.  I saw one guy monopolize a hose to the point I thought he was going to whip out shampoo and lather up.  The water was Amazing.  I remembered the run as completely overcast but looking at every picture there is sun, so I guess it was hotter than I remembered.  At any rate, the ice water was amazing.  There was also cold pepsi on the run course and I used that at many of the aid stations to keep on going.  I don't know if it was placebo or not, but I would get a surge of energy about 5 minutes after each cup of Pepsi and I really looked forward to it as long as my stomach cooperated.

My stomach kept it together until the last 5km of the run.  I was too upset for breakfast (something that may have contributed to my "off" race) but pounded down the ice cold Perpeteum (I'd frozen it the night before) and on-course gatorade as well as some gummies I brought.  I really do, however, need to pay more attention to nutrition.  I figured I would wing it like the IM, but I really need to plan better.  So lesson learned.  The weather gods smiled on us once again (just like in the IM last November) and we had a very mild day of weather.  It must have been sunny, however, (I seem to have sun amnesia) as So Many White Folk were BLISTERING RED from sunburn that there was an official on a moto traveling the run course and applying sunscreen to those who desired.

Luckily, I had planned to wear a jersey for the bike and shirt for the run, over my new trisuit, to protect me from the sun and I am So Glad I did.  The shirt on the run was a bit hot but I would douse with water and appreciate the sun protection and kept going.  The trisuit, although not at all what I ordered, worked Fabulously!  I could feel the compression in my legs on the run and that was a treat!  I had slimmed down within striking distance of race weight so I didn't have too many rolls of fat out there, but they were only visible on the swim anyway.  I was able to see the family way before they saw me on the swim and I tried waving to the 2 or 3 times before they finally saw me.  That was quite a treat to spot them and watch them as I swam.  I remember thinking over and over how glad I was to only be doing 1 vuelta of the bike IM course and it really didn't feel like half an IM due to the way they structured the extra amount of the bike.  That was nice.

We spent an extra day/night on the island as Ellen managed to find a plant to have an allergic reaction with, but since I was so wasted from the HIM I didn't really care.  As a matter of fact, I was happy to stay.  We packed up the next day and headed over to the Monkey Bar (well, that's what WE called it) and Jamie and I found a GREAT snorkel spot.  At first I was somewhat unimpressed, finding the same fish we have, but going out a bit further we found the coral was so much better recovered (on the protected from hurricane side) than our bay and some gorgeous formations and Lots and Lots of fish.  Mainly sargent majors, but still quite a nice variety.  I can't wait to take Aunty Chris and Papa and Tata there.  They also have a very pricey but good restaurant and we feasted in anticipation of my birthday on ceviche and papas and I had cawfee to warm up as it was storming out there.  Lastly, I somehow moved up in the standings and, while I'm still a little disappointed in my result, I ended up 5th in my age group.  I learned a LOT for further races AND what (not) to expect in November and I have already adjusted those expectations.  So, all in all, a very positive race and we can't wait to pop back over in November.  I had to add the Worst Run Race Photo in the World because it shows my mind set.  I was Not a Happy Camper at that race.  :)   November will only be better.

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