Sunday, September 09, 2012

new long ride

 I headed out for my long ride today and decided to head out to the coast at my normal turnaround instead of buying some water and/or Powerade and going back home.  I had a nice tailwind on the way out.  I knew it would come back to bite me going home though so I just enjoyed it while I could.
 I had such fun making stops and taking pictures and going out to see the water that I've decided I'm going to change my 90km ride to this 100km ride.  It can be slow going through the hotel areas but it is really worth it.  See the long braid below?

It was HOT out there today and I totally forgot to bring any Endurolytes or coco water with me.  Actually, my little coco hunter is currently off the job (so I might need to pay the big bucks to her brother to get me the coco water) and had to make due with Electrolit when I got home.  The headwind coming home KILLED me but I figured all wind is only good training.  Stomach was just not with it coming home but maybe it was just the heat.

I actually have my legs propped up on our dining room table here and the ice in my Electrolit was like heaven on earth.  I think I'm going to wait til it cools off a bit more for my run.  This was so much fun - with only 1 road to choose from the rides get boring so I need to do something to spice them up and shake them up a bit.  I think I found it!  I also took pictures off all the ruins I pass on this route, and I never get jaded no matter how many times I pass them on my bike.  Centuries later and they're still here.

I actually passed Tulum ruins also but they're so built up and touristized I'd have no chance of getting a picture. 

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