Friday, September 21, 2012

Looking for free time

I honestly don't know what I've been thinking, expecting I can take 30 min off last year's HIM when I have no plans on how to actually ACHIEVE that.  Like maybe time will fall from the sky?  Like maybe I'll grow wings and fly on the bike and run?  Like maybe my pool is actually longer than I think and I'm strangely Very Much Faster than I think?  Yeah, those would all be lovely ways to gain time.

I decided to take the passenger ferry over to Cozumel this morning instead of waiting to go with the family on the car ferry (at 6pm) so I could get my wristband and do tomorrow's swim and boy, that passenger ferry Moves With The Waves.  I had planned to work  (cell internet) but found I had to close my eyes to stop the nausea and not vomit.  Luckily, however, I think I've managed to escape the belly virus that felled Sissy, Jamie and Ellen because it would really suck to do the triathlon puking my guts out.  So yay!  No belly sickness.  I am loving the little house we rented but we really got spoiled with our usual houses with beds for all.  The boys will have to sleep on couches here but we'll be much closer to the event action.

Thanks to my angel, Adam,  number 913, I got my trisuit and he additionally muled down 2 cans of Cytomax for Jamie.  Such a very sweet guy, I can't tell you.  We met up at paquete pickup and since he knew more or less what I look like (from the blog) he was able to pick me out of the crowd.  I don't know if I approached the area of paquete pickup wrong or what, but it was The Most Difficult place to find.  I thought I had found it twice only to find they were stores selling Iwanman crap.  Once again I totally did not fit in wiht the Iwanmen, riding up in my borrowed beach cruiser and wearing not a stitch of Iwanman-branded crap.

So now I have a dilemma.  The trisuit I ordered was not the one that arrived and I never would have purchased the one that arrived.  The fit is okay (super tight, but 2 kg away from race weight and honestly, 6-7 kg from a reasonable weight, that's what I'm going to get) but the colors are NOTHING like what I ordered.  I'm pretty sure I can't return it (assuming I can find someone to mule it back before December) if I wear it, so I'm kind of stuck.  Wear it or find something else to work.  If nothing else, this is a great distraction from the race as I've been scared to death, knowing the pain I'm going to need to through to get the time I want.  Also, the tightness of the the suit makes me flatter than a young boy and no need for a bra.  Just might be worth looking like a whale for that kind of compression.  Photo taken in the rental house in front of the Wall of Crosses.

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Jody said...

Looks good!! They are supposed to fit pretty snug. It'll loosen a tad while you race. Just be sure and put lots of lube under the arms (all the way towards front) and a bit at neckline the first few races. Wear it around the house today etc so you can find any hot spots that might bug you mañana and lube 'em after swim transition. I have an Orca tri suit you can use for IM if we can find a way to get it down there. You wear a sports bra with it, and it has a zip front so you can peel it down for ventilation if you need to during the run.

And......pain is weakness leaving the body. ;*)