Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Retail therapy

I got some shorts at a great price recently.  The Brooks Infinity were $9.95 at swimoutlet and I picked up those, a bra for myself and one for Sissy (her first sports bra) along with a North Face top.  I always get used sports bras off Ebay and for the same price for new I thought I'd try.  All in all, for 2 shorts, 2 bras and 1 top I spent under $50.00.  After they sat in SD for a while and I was unsuccessful finding a mule AND our last package sent down has gone missing, I decided to have Merkalink import the stuff.  I've been running in the shorts and these are my first new shorts and I don't know if it is the fact that they are new or simply the shorts themselves (having only ever purchased used off Ebay) but the liners on these shorts are AMAZING.  Nice and tight and very wicking.  I'm super impressed with the liner but compared to my Tempos, these are Short shorts.   Before today's run I took a picture of the new Infinity shorts and an old pair of Tempos.  I should have kept my shirt out for both pictures, but I still think it is obvious as to the length of the short.  So it has taken a little getting used to the shortness but boy I LOVE the liner.

I haven't yet found a short that can deal with the heat and humidity here and these shorts end up just as soaked as the Tempos even though they are made of different material.  It doesn't really bother me though as I don't expect anything can keep up with tropical conditions here.  After a medium (1 hour) run, I know my shorts and top will look like I just came out of a torrential downpour and I will soak my shoes completely through to the point that they always sit in the sun to dry out.  Speaking of shoes, I've been wearing the same pair (Brooks men Ghost and Brooks Women Glycerine) for a year now and they feel about ready to be replaced.  I'm not certain how much distance they have on them, but I've been running 15-20 hours a month since December and the Ghost is definitely feeling broken down.  I finally got a good deal on Ebay for either a new or almost new pair of Glycerine (wide men's) and have a mule bringing them down in a few days.  I actually shipped them to his mailing address and he will bring them to Mexico and Estafeta them to me.  I'm hoping to have them by the triathlon this month.  I also finally decided to bite the bullet and bring in stuff that has been waiting in SD, among them Sissy's birthday present and my triathlon shorts I hope to be using this month for the HIM.  Can't wait to try those out.  Now I just need to figure out a top and I'll be ready. 

I've been sick the last 2 days and missed my long ride this weekend and TOTALLY freaked out that I'm going to be way undertrained for the HIM this month which then leads me to believe I'm totally screwed for the IM in November.  But I have 13 weeks to the IM so I've decided to cut my losses and treat the HIM as a training day (I had hopes to beat last year's time) and ramp up my IM training instead of pissing around doing the usual lack of swim, 40-60 km rides and 5-hour runs/week.  Well, at least I've got the run on track.  And I'm going to figure out a way to race in those Infinity shorts.  I love that liner! 


Jody said...

Nice shorts. You would also like the Under Armour runners. They are sooo comfy and fit so well. I'll find a link and post.

No joke on the freaking heat. Temps today are around 92 (a "cool front" came through), and with the humidity making the heat index a cool 102....its been around 109 or higher. Runs are sufferfests and I can't seem to go over 5 miles with it so oppressive. Our humidity levels are in the 80-90 range until around 1 pm when Satan breathes on us and burns it off to a lovely 75%. I am ready for the first cold front. :*(

BreeWee said...

Glad you are feeling better and nice deal on the shorts. THANK YOU for reaching out while Im in Mexico, that is so kind of you and I might take you up on that offer if you are serious. :) Have the best day.