Sunday, September 16, 2012

here comes peter cottontail

Had a great ride with Jamie today.  I'm LOVING that 100km out and back to the Tulum beach.  Since the grito was yesterday (Mexican independence from Spain) I had to wear the colors.  One of the best things about the Tulum ride is the plethora of topes perfect for bunny-hopping.  AAMOF on the road back from the beach there are 5 in a row just begging to be hopped.  One of the reasons I'd never go to a tribike.  HAVE to be able to bunny hop.  The first bunny hop is at a reten by the Tulum policia.  I think they recognize me now and wait for the bunny hop and always exclaim afterwards.  The reten is set up such that everyone funnels to one lane and I have to hold back from the cars stopped before the tope before I can gather speed for the hop.  The next is at the Pemex station we get provisions at after coming back from the beach.  I always catch up to any cars that had passed me earlier and pass them as I bunny hop the tope. 

Now that I've dragged him out to the beach he's thinking about Punta Allen but that road is barely passable in a car let alone skinny tires.  We did have fun racing the marineros and the one guy riding in the back loved us chasing their truck.  Also the Adamo (saddle) is doing really well.  Although the worst of the allergic reaction has been tamed by the roids, I still have some sores that on a normal saddle would have made the ride today uncomfortable at the least.  I was very surprised to find that while I do have sit bone soreness, I was able to stay in aero until the very last kilometer today and pretty much pain free.  I'm pretty sold on this saddle and can't thank my angel enough.

I didn't have time for coffee before ride today so I added brewed coffee to my Perpeteum water bottle and Boy oh Boy did I enjoy that.  I am pretty sure I'm going to do that all the time on my longer rides.  Cuts the very little sweetness to perfection.  I really do not like sweet drinks and get the Perpeteum coffee flavored stuff but adding real coffee instead of water really makes this.

I'm a bit freaqued out about the trisuit I moved heaven and Earth to get muled down here as it will give me nowhere to hide fat rolls without wearing a shirt or jersey.  I might just throw a jersey on before the bike and another shirt before the run as I can't imagine having all this flap hanging in the wind.  I'm still 2 kg above IM weight and honestly, probably have 7 kg to lose.  Course, at my age ain't nothing tightening up so any weight I lose will just leave flapping skin and I'm not sure that would be worth it.

We have a long weekend this weekend but the kids are so unmotivated to do anything and the dog is only 3 weeks into broken hip recovery that we couldn't stay overnight anywhere that I'm announcing a dictatorship and making them all go to Bacalar tomorrow.  We'll eat at the restaurant, swim in the cenote and the laguna and then head home.  I'm going to taper this week, mainly rest the legs but swim daily and see what this old body has to offer next Sunday.  Would really like to get under 6 hours but I'm not sure where I'll get the time.  My last HIM was June 2011 in Veracruz and I think it was just under 6:30 so I have a lot of time to cut off there to make my goal and no real plans for where. 

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