Friday, September 07, 2012

going with the flow

There is a reason I don't plan much.  For one thing I'm super lazy, live to procrastinate and forgetful.  So I plan in my head and figure things out but then really don't actually DO anything because, well, there really IS always mañana.  We lost out on the houses we normally stay at in Cozumel for the IM because, apparently, they now need a Real Reservation and since we didn't put money down (who does that?  not us apparently...) they didn't keep the reservation.  Ok, we rolled with that because really, what with our family, my sister's family, my folks and Nate the Great and the Amazing Kristin signing up for another year of No Respect, we needed more space.  So I found El Castillo and we're set for it.  But I really do need to get another small house for some more beds, hopefully close to El Castillo.  Yeah, I REALLY need to get on the ball for that.  I'm thinking maybe here.  Don't need anything other than just beds as we'll have the giant El Castillo for everything else.  So, IM in November, pretty much taken care of.  Maybe.  I really need to contact that hotel and get rooms reserved. 

Then I got to thinking that I probably should contact Ariel about a place to stay for the HIM in a couple weeks only to find out that he is totally booked.  ACK!  I scrambled and panicked (but didn't forget my towel) and finally found something in our price range with enough beds.  The kids will NOT share a bed (even the girls; I can understand the boys) and while it is easy to find lots of houses with 3 bedrooms, they are usually 1 full bed in each.  So I was happy to find Casa Oro and Villa Caracol, both with more than enough beds, even enough for guests but I'm not thrilled.  Casa Oro is WAAAAAY out by the airport.  We're really used to being in town, walking to the panadaria and super and loncherias but we have never stayed near the north end.  Villa Caracol charges extra for electricity.  Now, I know the corriente here is super expensive but I'm just not sure about this.  The rate structure is wacky here and we could end up paying a shit load for a small amount of corriente.  LOVE the place but I'm just not sure about the whole electricity issue.  But I really do need to decide and reserve something SOON.

I never should have made any peep about running in the last post.  After taking 2 lousy days off (sick) I have had what can only be plantar fasciitis strong pains in the left heel.  Since I don't want to frack things up for the IM I've taken the week off running and now we'll see what happens.  I've been googling and have finally decided to get back on the roads and try and do the exercises and after run care I've come up with.  It is also looking like it will only have taken a month for the Merkalink package to get here as it is now in SLP!  Wheee!  I love tracking stuff since it is so rare we get any mail of any kind.

Independence day is coming up and I need to decide whether it will be a 10K in Tulum or a vuelta in Merida (but the grito there is VERY crowded and I'm not sure we'd go to it) or I know Valladolid always has a run on the night of the Grito and their festivities are much smaller than Merida's but I'm not sure we'd find a hotel dog friendly and with his broken hip, we can't leave the dog at home.  And then I remembered that I've been wanting to run Tres Culturas forever, so maybe we'll stick close to home for Independencia and head to Acanceh for Tres Culturas.  Course this is all very dependent on the PF.

04/09/2012 03:22 PM
LAREDO TEXAS Llegada a centro de distribución

06/09/2012 09:10 AM
LAREDO TEXAS En ruta foránea hacia PCQ-Playa del Carmen
06/09/2012 11:50 AM
Nuevo Laredo En ruta foránea hacia PCQ-Playa del Carmen
07/09/2012 01:21 AM
Centro de Int. SLP En ruta foránea hacia PCQ-Playa del Carmen

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