Wednesday, October 17, 2012

just keep swimming, just keep swimming

 that's what we do, we Swim. Swim.  Swim.

 cloudy, overcast day in the bay.

my favorite cenote for swimming - strong current going into the cenote, TONS of underwater weird manglar root spooky sights, little offbranches to the cenote to traverse and nice cold water.

Out in the bay today.  It was amazingly calm.

I posted on the triathlon board I frequent for swim help and, as evidenced by the top photo, my head is WAY out of the water.  So I've been working on that.  I've also totally changed my stroke and today it finally started feeling good.  I'm not doing any fast sets, just trying to find this new stroke.  We've had some amazingly flat, calm seas lately and I love being out there and am dreading the point I'll have to go back to the pool. 

I ordered a swim safe somethingorother and the toads will be bringing it down with them and them I'm back to unchaperoned swims.  Today Pike didn't get up until after 1330 and the seas weren't quite as nice as they had been at 930 but I still got my normal 3000 in.  I'm really getting used to 3000 now, especially since that is 4 laps, and mentally it is quite easy.  Well, until about the last lap.  I've also been changing my pedal stroke.  On one of my last long rides I accidentally found the "floating" stroke but found I have to REALLY engage my inner thighs to get it to work, so I've been working on that each ride.  I'm also upping my cadence as my knees are KILLING me since I switched to the Adamo seat.  Always a tradeoff.  I'll take knees over crotch any day though.

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