Saturday, September 22, 2012

more new things than I know what to do with

So good to see the family last night until the cockroaches starting crawling out of the baggage.  Our car is simply INFESTED with them so when Jamie and family packed up the cockroaches must have seen all the lovely luggage as perfect new homes.  I am NOT a cockroach hunter but I'm excellent at alerting to the presence of cockroaches (some might call its screaming).  I "alerted" Jesse to 3 of them crawling out of the coffee fixings he'd just brought in and he took ForFreakingEver to begin to attempt to kill them and actually gave up the hunt for the last one.  I found the last one, had him kill it and now call him COCKROACH as punishment for not acting faster (and giving up the hunt).

So for some strange reason I woke at 3 am and I was actually hoping it was close to 5 so I could get up and not worry about trying to get back to sleep.  One thing about getting old is that it is almost impossible to get back to sleep once you've awakened.  While trying to get to sleep, I started hearing the noise of a car horn outside.  I figured, even at 3 am, someone was trying to get someone's attention and tried to get back to sleep.  Unfortunately, the horn kept going off at odd intervals and for varying amounts of time. It was starting to get annoying.

Pike was awake, trying to sleep in the front room, and we both headed out into the rain to try and figure out the care it was coming from.  I was pretty sure it was the taxi across the street, though without my "eyes" in, I couldn't see and Pike was pretty sure that the taxi was empty.  Still, I figured it was the taxi and Pike suspected our car.  I couldn't imagine how it could be our van and kept looking up and down to street for the offending vehicle.

After the 100th occurrence, both Pike and I headed out into the street to definitively find the vehicle.  Not one other person was out and I figured our neighbors were likely used to this as a normal occurrence.  Heading back to the house I heard a chirp of the horn again and it sounded like it was coming from our van!  Only too soon we were quite Certain ours was the offending vehicle as the horn started and Would Not Stop.  In a panic, I jumped in the car and drove around the block, hoping to make it stop (with magic car movement?) and only succeeded in waking up everyone on 2 blocks instead of just ours.

Luckily, by this time Jamie had gotten up and it only took us about 25 hours with the horn blaring constantly, louder than I ever imagined possible, to disconnect one of the batteries (our van has 2) and shut off the damn noise.  Not one person came out of the homes lining the street to complain.  Without a car, I couldn't make the swim practice but I'm pretty sure I know the water here and I mostly wanted to do the swim just because.

So now I have LOTS of distractions to avoid thinking about what happens tomorrow.

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