Monday, August 27, 2012

Starting to come together

After taking almost all of July off attempting to get my new saddle to work, I finally gave up on the aerobars and got the bike adjusted for road riding.  Then I moved the saddle just a bit further forward, enough that I would be comfortable in road and could do aero without too much shoulder strain and have been just getting time in the saddle (so to speak).  I went back to teh Bontrager, turned the seat post around (actually Jamie did all this and I just gave instructions :)) and very, very slowly experimented with aero.  It turns out that once you get rid of horrific welts and allergic reaction hives from your crotchtal area, it is a more comfortable ride.  Who knew?  Little by little I've been adding more time in the aero bars to the point that this past weekend I did one 2-hour ride followed the next day by a 3-hour ride, both aero almost the whole time.  I'm still thrilled every time I pee after a ride and it doesn't hurt - kind of like the thrill we get when we go to the US to find warm water coming out of faucets.  Such a cheap thrill but strangely exciting just the same.

So bike seems to be on track.  Unfortunately I'm going into another triathlon (the HIM end Sept) under trained.  I'm just beginning to get my swim mojo back, now that the kids are back in school and families have gone home, I can use the pool when the seas are too rough.  Today was a weird day.  The seas looked calm but then every once in a while a set of waves would come in and you could see the large swells and big waves crashing on the reef and low spots.  The current was all over the place and the water was murky as hell and after 1350m I jumped into the pool where I could see.  I really HATE swimming in water that isn't crystal clear.  I'm so used to our super clear water that anything less and I'm not comfortable.

Run is just fine.  I'm at 5 hours a week now and it has been a slow and steady increase and consistent running base.  I have high hopes for my run at the HIM and hopes for the IM.  One of my hammies has occasional twinges but I need to roll it out and keep stretching and I'm sure it will be good.  I recently realized that the HIM is in 3 weeks so I guess I really need to find us a place to stay.  I also have decided to import the shorts I'm hoping to use in teh HIM as mail is still not working.  I had hopes of using a trisuit I bought on Ebay but the package has still not shown up.  We recently finally received some books I'd ordered for the kids and that package only took a little over a year to show up so I have little hope my trisuit will show up before the triathlon.  So I guess I'll need to pay the big bucks to import shorts I got off Ebay.  Still no clue what to wear on top. 

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