Thursday, February 24, 2011


I got maybe 2 hours sleep last night and then another (maybe 1.5 to 2). I had 40 km bike and 13 min run planned for today. I'm thinking of blowing off the ride and moving my 39 min Friday run to today and doing today's run tomorrow, or I could take the day off. Looking over my calendar my last day off was 2/5 (I only ran 10 min).

Should I do Friday's run today, do today's run and skip bike, HTFU and do both run and bike or take a full day off? (last full day off was Jan 24th - when I was recovering from my hospital stint)...


Colleen said...

Take a rest day... you're body willl thank you! :)

Iron Mike said...

Rest Day Vote #2.
And your previous post...don't worry about what you wear.
Nobody cares about ass jiggle or headlights.
They're all there for the same reason: The post-race food spread.

Enjoy your rest day!

Jody said...

I vote a day off. I had a sleepless night Tuesday night but did a 34 mile ride anyhow the next day and it was TERRIBLE. Avg 17.3 mph and felt like I had donated, all of it....for the rest of the day.