Saturday, February 05, 2011

total bummer, dude

So the ice storm (or whatever) that hit somewhere up north apparently pretty much closed down all consultations at the hospital I work for so Tuesday, Wed and early Thursday were such busts in work volume that I added some more workouts. I did a full triatlon on Wednesday and it really hammered home the realization that maybe I bit off a LOT more than I can chew. I have to keep reminding myself I'm no longer in my 20s or 30s (or even 40s) and can't expect my body to do now what it did then. Then I smack myself upside the haid and tell my self to stuff it.

We were supposed to head to Merida this weekend for Operacion Periferico (80km bike) but Jamie's back seized up last night and he can't even tolerate the 5 hour drive there. Jesse is off school on Monday (signing of the constitution today so holiday is bumped to Monday) and it would have been a great long weekend. Plus there is some athletic event to be watched via satellite (we don't have here) in the middle of North America or something - I'd have to ask the Wisconsin-born husband exactly what it is. :)

I'm really surprised that I'm bummed about missing etapa dos of the ride (they'll have stages 3, 4 and 5 on the weekends to come) but I didn't want to go by myself as I was looking forward to a family weekend and I need a driver so I can work on the drive home. So I'm hoping for next weekend.


Iron Mike said...

That picture with your son makes it look like a damn fine day for a total bummer! Hope your Packers win tonight!

Doreen said...

Just came across your blog!
I did Cozumel in my second year of triathlons, at the young age of 50.
You can absolutely do it too...and you didn't bite off more than you can su puede!!!!!!!
I look forward to visiting you often!
You can read my posts on IMCZ at
if ya want :-)

Jody said...

You CAN!!!!!! Just look at what you are doing now and then go back 3 years! We are TRIATHLETES!