Wednesday, February 02, 2011

January wrap up

I'm very slowly finding local events and adding them to the sidebar and wishing there was a central location for all this. I just today found a swimming event that apparently has been open for a while and the price has jumped $50 after 1-31. Swimming season apparently runs Oct to something here. I've been out of swimming so long I don't even know what it used to be when I was a swimmer in the US. I'm also having a really hard time afiliating myself. FMTRI has a website for afiliacion but it isn't working. The local QRoo contact says it should be working yesterday. The national site doesn't work at all. I asked them for bank info (it is very common here to make a purchase by going to the bank and depositing the price of the item in the holder's account and then sending them the transcription info) and am still waiting. I think I'm going to have to try loading the site on my laptop (and XP versus W7) and see if that does the trick. Meanwhile I'm still pondering the 5K on 2-26 as the incripcion price is $450 now, $100 to FMN as I'm not affiliated (but an aguas abiertas or masters afiliacion would cost $300 anyway) and that is a far cry from the usual under $100 I am used to for 10K runs. Running is definitely cheaper here than swim or tri. Course, Jamie and I are planning an 80km ride this weekend in Merida and that is only $40 so I suppose both bike and run are cheap here. I have to be honest that I'm a little skeered of the bike ride - it is a 5-stage event and I'm worried they'll all be fast pro boys and I'll get left in the dust for 2 hours.

I'm a mess of nerves lately - can't inscribirme, worried about that ride this weekend and most recently we had a shark attack 80km north (Cancun). SO not looking forward to today's swim. Pretty much all we have here are bulls and they are territorial and I'm really hoping they AREN'T temped to head into our bay (though they tend to like shallow water). Now I'm really obsessing.

So, January by the numbers...
Swim 16,380
Bike 231.23
Run 2 hr 45 min
Super low numbers but I do still have that hospital card...
lastly yesterday reached 77.5kg (from 80kg roid weight)

Heading out for my run and since it is only 29C I just can't justify sleeveless. Since all the nortes the warmer weather feels so much warmer than it really is. Should hit 33C today though.

Can someone do me a favor and see if you can get this to load? I cannot select "selecciones" there is nothing to select (and thus I cannot afiliate myself)
FMITRI afiliacion


Jody said...

Hey Kathy, try this site:

It seems to have tri and swim, bike and run events posted and results.

Kathy said...

THanks Jody - i had apparently entered my DOB incorrected when I signed up with the site and this inscripcion was pulling that data. I got inscibed! I just can't print the damn thing. :) It's always something here. Course they do say I need the hologram and photos for it to be valid so I think I'll just take the receipt to my first event and see what happens.