Monday, February 21, 2011

kilometers under the bridge

That was a long week of riding for me, and I feel like such a poser for feeling like that. I see other workouts/weeks that are much harder than mine but all I can do is to continue to plug along. I don't know what happened to swimming this week - Jamie talked me into an extra day of riding and by the 4th day (in a row) my legs were pretty dead but I could also feel added strength that had not been there before - like stressing them with hard days (I had 2 days were I PR'd the turnaround each day) only made them stronger. Weird. I feel like I *should* make up my swim workouts this week but during my run this morning I decided to just do my normal 3 and see if there is time on the weekend for a 4th. So I'm "behind." Who really is keeping count? We're into our windy season too which makes the cycling a challenge. Pic below is from the "long" ride turnaround (59 km RT) and shows the wind (which is a headwind on the returns). Jamie had a challenging week with 2 flats and a broken seat rail.

I had been a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to FINISH the sprint coming up (and finally, last week they got inscripciones so I just need to pick one up now) but my running legs made an appearance last week and I started negative splitting runs again. Nice to find those guys again. I missed them. I've been keeping it super slow - last week was 12-24-36 and this week will be 13-26-39 but the legs are feeling much stronger and I think I'm probably picking up the pace. Running with a purpose instead of just plopping along.

It has been alternately cool and dry (desert dry - hovering between 40-65% humdidity - INSANELY dry) and we're finally getting some warm weather. We had some days where I had for it to warm up to exercise and a couple days I was sleeveless. Must be spring. Mozzies are coming back and the DDT truck has already made an appearance.

Hoping to bring swimming back this week (the water is UGLY though) and keep the cycling strong and keep the running strong. I've also been rolling my legs once a week in the hopes of preventing another tear.

Swim: 2487 m
Bike: 212 km, 7 hr 18 min
Run: 2 hr 12 min.

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Jody said...

That is some great time on the bike. Don't pay mind to anyone elses schedule but your own. Your body will tell you what to do. Your swim distances are very strong and all are open water, so don't sweat missing a few. Most people only get in open water a couple times a month if even that.

I need to update my blog. Am so lazy.