Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FEN and me inscribi!

I'm not sure why all the neonatologists use that abbreviation for Feeding and Nutrition, but I hear it all the time. Some use it for Feeding, Electrolytes and Nutrition and that makes perfect sense and it is a huge challenge for me. I figure out finally I need to eat before a bike ride. For some reason I don't bonk, but I have little to nothing left in the tank on the backside (return) of each bike if I don't eat first (and we always ride first thing in the am) so I started experimenting. I found 1/2 a scoop of Cytomax does nothing. I found eating right before exercise is a bad idea. I did, however, find that a bowl of oatmeal (or cereal) 1-2 hours before a ride gives me energy (or at least, I'm not STARVING and dead) on the backside of rides. Which makes the bricked run all the better. I tried yesterday eating too close to the bike and only puked a little bit but was nauseous the whole time. So now I just have to get the electrolytes dialed in. All our water is dead here (purificada) so when we sweat a lot we have to take in some kind of suero to replenish the electrolyte deficiency. Jamie uses Cytomax but my stomach can only handle 1/2 scoop per bottle of that stuff and that is not enough. I am going to experiment with Electrolit (along the idea of pedialyte) and see how that goes.

I FINALLY got signed up for the triatlon! So now I can officially worry. It is only a sprint (750m, 20k, 5k) so it should be a blip on the radar but the weather has been so awful this last week I've only been in the water twice. And I have no idea WHAT to wear. I'd love to just change clothes for each event (swimsuit, bibs and jersey, running shorts) but I think I'd get laughed at for that and the event is so short (just over an hour, I'd guess) it really would be laughable to do all those clothing changes. But I'm horrified at the spectacle of my ass jiggling all over in spandex on the run. Sigh. Yes, these are the important things. :) I'm thinking of using the top in this picture but (and thus the reason for the blurred pic) is that headlights seem to be an issue with this one and I wonder about chafing during the swim.

Today should be medium run and swim day but the sea is still a whirlpool and wind is super high (so you actually get a "current" both ways - wind pushes top water one way and current takes you the other) so I have my doubts. Also Jamie insists I should be taking 1 day completely off everything (and I have my doubts about that also) but he's a cyclist so that probably applies to cycling but I'm not sure about triatlon.

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Jody said...

Any jog top will work, but you are right about your girls maybe making a showing with white. Try that blue one you have with a pair of bike shorts and you will be good to go.

Nutrition was a bear for me to figure out. You and I seem to have tummy issues with sports drinks. Pedialytle was a big bust for me (bad cramping), but it may work great for you. I have heard of others using it with success. I have had severe cramping with Gatorade, Powerade, Cytomax, Heed, Pedialyte etc etc. during events.

What works for me: 1.5-2 hours prior to a ride or race: a cup or more of white rice with a splash of milk and and flavored a tad w/ raw sugar. Turbo charges me.

During ride: water in very small frequent sips.....I tend to consume a full aero bottle for up to 2 hours and anything over, I go into my second bottle which has a small amount of salt in it. Honey Stinger chews and an orange during training. During a race, Honey Stinger Gel in Liquid Gold (pure honey with electrolytes) banana and orange and defizzed coke if I am hurting. If you start the gels or chews, stay on them every 15-30 minutes. They shoot you up, and straight back down.

Post race and after long, hot rides with a brick at the end I drink defizzed coke. Going to be grabbing defizzed soda on the run during IM 70.3.

I hydrate all day post swim bike run combo with ice water and keep a bottle by my bed at night that i usually drink (so, maybe around 48oz or more). And I bet I eat 2500-3000 calories a day easily.

That is my weird ritual. It came with much trial and error during last years tri season, and I have avoided all cramping and stomach issues so far with it.

I loath days off, but make myself take at least one so I don't get injured.

Oh look! I wrote a book in your comments. ;*)