Saturday, February 12, 2011

the earth is flat!

because for about a week I fell off the end of it! I think I've exhausted my picture options and can't think of different ones to take so I had no reason to post. My swim partner (my 14yo) had been sick earlier and missed a few swims, but he did go out on one very rough sea day. We've had (actually typical for this time of year) rough seas far too often that make for really squirrley days. First and foremost in my mind is the recent shark attack and when the seas change from crystal clear (normal) to anything non-crystal clear (what I would call murky but the tourists claim is clear) I get super squirrley.

We had a ray on one swim that really drove my son nuts. He HATES those rays. I've seen super giant eagle rays and a baby ray, but this was just a normal either manta or sting ray and we saw him on 3 or 4 laps. He was just swimming (flying) around and I'd always see the long tail first. These days with these old eyes, I see lots of "tails" that turn out to be simply floaters in my eyes. Yesterday we had a baracudda follow us one lap to the reef (6th of 7) and my son was REALLY freaked at the cudda. I've seen them a number of times before but this one was swimming with his mouth closed and didn't bother me that much. I hate it when they just hang out in the water with their mouths wide open, showing off all those terrible teeth. I make a HUGE detour (even though they supposedly don't bite) and always make sure I'm not wearing anything that sparkles.

So yesterday when we got a calm day in the water (the photo above is from my morning run and it was a little more choppy when we swam but nothing like the huge waves and chop we'd endured the past week) it was absolutely lovely. My shoulder has been bothering me the more mileage I add and I finally figured out it must be an AC separation. However, since it happened decades ago I don't have much hope of 'fixing' it so I guess I just keep the swim mileage down as much as possible while continuing to train.

We never made it to the Operacion Periferico - last weekend Jamie's back was too hurt for the 5 hour drive to Merida and this weekend just doesn't work so it is looking like that will be a bust. I'm also not going to register for the 5K swim on the 26th, but have been patiently waiting for the inscripciones for the triatlon on the 13 of March to arrive. Even though it has been open to inscripciones since beginning March, they just don't have the paperwork here yet. All pictures are from my run route. It is always a crapshoot if the shot will work or not so I just take 3721 pictures and hope for the best.

I've also had my first week where I wasn't chomping at the bit to go out. I'm not sure what I would have done yesterday if my son hadn't come down to drag me away from work and hit the water. I just wasn't looking forward to it. Too many injuries - shoulder for swim and 2 weeks into my BarryP plan I'm waiting for the ax to drop on my calf. I've stopped expecting I will be injury free for the run, but keep hoping.

So, this week by numbers (I'll add in today's workout even though it is early):
Swim 8840 yd.
Bike 180 km 6.5ish hours
Run 107 minutes.

I finally looked at training plans and I think I'm going to loosely combine Trifuel and BT HIM plans and then see what happens after June's HIM.

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