Sunday, March 06, 2011

Coming out of the closet

So I finally came out to my husband and it did not go well at all. He found the entire idea completely laughable and pooh-poohed the idea I would attempt it. This was coming off a week of doubt and discouragement as I compared current speed and ability with November. Well, even June. I talked to him a couple days later (on our 90km ride) and he confessed that he was so flabbergasted at the idea and knew HE wouldn't be able to do it, he couldn't imagine anyone doing it. Even though MANY do. But he totally does support me. I did know it all along because the man has a mouth/brain with absolutely NO filter whatsoever. Normally I don't let stuff like that get to me because he is really very Homeresque in his talk, but it had been a tough week for me mentally. Physically I'm great. Runs are increasing at 5% weekly, bike has been over 200km/wk for the past 3 weeks and we're just going to ignore the swim portion. The sea has been wicked rough, then the sea lice came to visit (baby jellies which sure do sound cute but give you a 2-week rash) and that put a stop to most swimming. This week I was supposed to concentrate on swimming but the baby jellies came to town so next week, PROMISE must be a swim day every day before I forget how it works.

Next weekend I lose my trivirginity with my first tri in 25+ years, and as such, I'm reinstating tri-virginity and calling it my 1st triatlon. It is a sprint and I have no idea what I'll be doing but I will be having fun (unless I'm battling sea lice or puking). Pike is going to come with me and I'm going to make this a recovery week. Except I really can't imagine DECREASING workouts when I've been on a mission to INCREASE since November. "They" say it is a good thing though, but it sure will be weird. Another reason to push the swim next week. :) I'll run as usual and just decrease the bike (though that might kill me). Jamie and I did a new long ride - down to Tulum and back - some 90km and it only took 3.5 hours (ouch, yes we were on couches for the ride and took 3 stops (pee, pee and store for Poweraid). We have a lot of work to do there. So now we have short (40km), medium (60km - our old "long" ride) and long (90km) rides. I was humbled at the end of the 90km ride to realize I'd only done 1/2 the ironman length. yikes. Very scary. Almost as scary as the snake in the picture. Yes, that is from our Tulum ride and I have more respect for the jungle (looks out the back window at said jungle). Today I saw a dead coral snake but this road kill was so impressive that it took us a bit and then I told Jamie we HAD to turn around and go look at it. It was amazing in a very weird way.

February totals:
Swim 17.5M +
Bike 770km
Run almost 8 hours.

Last pic is Xel-Ha ruins along the medium (60km) ride.

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Iron Mike said...

You have put in some serious tri training distance, all the while in the closet. What a relief to step out!

Good luck on the Sprint! You've done so well recovering, you deserve a good race.