Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The rain in Spain...

Bday_008While Jamie has been rather sick this last week, and decided to self medicate (with CIPRO!!!) and really, to my mind, is no better, and has been staying inside the A/C trailer all day long and I haven't wanted to do any of the sightseeing I'd planned cause I don't want to leave him out of it, and damn, but will he EVER see a doctor (cause they're SO inexpensive down here) and stop self-medicating with outrageously harsh antibiotics so he can actually TREAT whatever is wrong with him...Golly, I'm at the end of my rope on this. We're not much of a medicating family and I'm really wondering at his self-diagnosis of bacterial bugs in his gut plus the fact that he didn't even talk to the person at theCamp_022 pharmacy about what dosage to get and how long to take the CIPRO. I guess I just have to trust that he knows what he's doing.

At any rate, the kids are getting a really good rest from traveling, but they really haven't been outside the park. There is no city here; just the trailer park; the city is about 15 minutes by car north. They've been having an absolutely lovely time with some girls they've met down here and Pike insisted on inviting them to his birthday.

Bday_009For weeks he's been asking when his birthday will arrive and yesterday was the day! We headed to town to a couple stores to pick out his cake (our normal tradition is for him to help make it) and by the afternoon he couldn't wait any longer to celebrate. Jamie and I were taking out time coming back from the sea/pool and he decided to clean the trailer and do the dishes so all would be in readiness for the celebration.Bday_010

Papa and Tata will be happy to note that he got his cake. They were so worried we wouldn't provide him with a cake, that they gave him a box cake and powdered sugarCamp_013 just in case. :) I spent hours walking around in the heat and humidity looking to replace a beanie bear (Poopsie) that was taken from our camp in Ixtapan del Oro and finally, for the exorbitant sum of 120 pesos, found a bear. It didn't cut the mustard for Pike so today Jamie found seven bears on EBay and when we get to the states, he'll get his bear. Ellen is LOVING the bear he didn't appreciate. :)

Today it rained. It has been thundering and lightening for the past two days and today we got a really good rainstorm. Puddles around and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. Amazing.

Bday_016Anyway, not much to say; we don't do anything but hang around the sea/pool/trailer and I read constantly, hoping Jamie will be getting better. He swears today that he is, in fact, getting better, and tomorrow I hope we can go to Cobá (pretty close-by ruins in the style of Tikal, Guatemala) or an island preserve off the coast of Cancun (no, not Isla Mujeres or Cozumel). Hard to believe life could be so boring here on the Mayan coast. :)

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