Monday, May 09, 2005

Mud and Needles

Play_009Well, he is definitely on the mend. And the best part? I get to stick a LONG needle in his ass daily. If that alone isn't compensation for simply putting up with him, I don't know what is. Almost makes all the doctor bills and medicine bills worth it. Because the Internet world simply can't get enough of his ass, I simply have toPlay_006 share another. Tomorrow I'll get the kids to take a picture of MY handiwork.

I need to decide if I'm going to stay with TypePad or not. I'm almost out of disk-space (50MB) after 6 months of posting. I would also like the ability to customize my website and upgrading in TypePad will only give me 100MB and double my yearly rate. I have a server I can park everything I need on it, but really suck at design (which is why I went with Play_008TypePad in the first place). Any ideas? I need probably a gig of bandwidth and 200MB of storage. I'd like to put everything in Movable Type (and TypePad is either MT or really close to it) and make the site prettier.

The kids have been having an absolute blast playing in the limestone sand and mud under and about the back of the trailer. They've created cities and towns and horsePlay_015 homes. I didn't think we could get stressed out, being on permanent vacation, but the past few days have shown me that we were VERY stressed for the two weeks Play_019before Jamie saw a doctor. The kids are playing together again; are creative again; are no longer bored and I'm no longer playing the role of Shrew. And hey! I get to stick a long needle in his arse daily! Last night I downloaded some clips from Bachata Rosa (I've had the song "Bilirrubina" stuck in my head ever since I started with the needles) and the kids were dancing to them. I dowloaded clips from all the songs just so I could watch their craziness. I LOVE this album; have since it came out, but long ago lost the cassette. Now I'm going to have to find it.

I eavesdropped on the kids yesterday while they were playing. The boys have teenyPlay_021 tiny beer bottles that they've been collecting all over Mexico. When we got to Guadalajara, they found them for FIFTY CENTAVOS EACH (and had paid up to 4 pesos each previously). They were in beer bottle heaven. I think they got 10 each. The girls have lost many of theirs over time...

S "Hey I'm going to get my baby! They're selling beer!"
(in high pitched baby's voice) "OK, I'll go out and buy some beer!"

P (show the baby his wares) "This is some kind of beer that starts with an N - I'm not sure what it is but it is strong. This is Sol. This is Corona. This is (ad naseum). This is Whiskey. It is SO very strong."

S "What would happen if she (her baby) tried some whiskey?"

P "She'd get drunk. They're all very so strong beers."


P "Which one sissy? Both of those are worth only one of these. One of those are worth one of these. These are stout baby sized or diglet sized. So if you're not going to get one sissy, then i think I'll just pack up."

S "Pikey, i would like corona."

P "No, corona is not for sale."

S (points to another)


P "No, never ever in my whole life Double X. Double X is so valuable. I should never have to say that. Sissy stop playing around and get something."

S "Actually i don't feel comfortable doing this You're so rude."

(this then disintegrated into crying Sissy and Pissed off Pikey

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