Friday, May 13, 2005

Still in Paa Mul

Beach_016_2Thanks for the emails and comments - Jamie was in bed all day today but he didn't sleep all day and the doctor came by and examined him and we got Internet access again and while he is getting depressed about being sick, I see that he is slowly, VERY slowly getting better. Tomorrow he gets his last shot (and honestly I'll be glad; I keep waiting to hit a bone or really screw it up) and the same day he'll start oral antibiotics. I don't think he'll EVER self-medicate again. Beach_003_1

Kids are doing really well; they play in the beach and under the trailer in the sand and sun. Sometimes they even play in the pool. Today I was able to take the kids to a nearby (within walking distance) beach and tomorrow will drive everyone in the northland insane with the beautiful pictures.

We'll probably be here at least another week (if not more). Once Jamie is able to get out of bed and has the energy, we're going to do a little exploring of the Maya Riviera. It is reported to be exquisite here. From the immediate area, I won't be surprised.

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