Tuesday, May 17, 2005



In deciding what I want to do with this website (move to WordPress, upgrade TypePad, where to host, etc.) I found a nifty statistical tool. I still have NO idea what I'm going to do with this site and have also found that "www.harvestmoon.com and www.greenschool.com" have been purchased so then there is the whole CREATING a new domain name problem and honestly I'm just NOT that talented. When we lived in California we legally homeschooled by creating a private school in our home (R4/PSA option) and called it the "Green Very Green Unschool". Boys picked that one. So if I go with new software I'm going to need a new blog name. I created a quickie blog at blogspot but I can't figure out what happens when you get a certain size with them - do they cut you off? What do they do? What are their limits? They're Google now, but does that make a difference?

We were supposed to try to go to Chichen Itza today, and as it is overcast it would have been PERFECT weather, but I've come down with tremendous nausea so we're putting it off for tomorrow. Jamie seems to be recovered. Completely. He isn't expending much energy, but he is able to stay out of bed all day without even thinking about it.

Today I SO hope to figure out a host, blog software and if the WWW will help me, a domain name for our travelblog. Please? Pretty please?

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