Saturday, April 30, 2005

Widdle Waddle Fuddle Duddle

Palapas_003If you're going to Mexico and you're FARsighted, take my advice and bring about 3000 lenses with you. Hell, if you're traveling in the US and you're FARsighted, take about 2000 lenses with you. In Guadalajara, our first Mexican Costco experience, I was told it would take 8 days for the lenses to arrive. We could not get them sent anywhere but Morelia (where we were headed the next day) so off we headed to Cancun where we expected the same 8 day wait.

It only took us a month to go from Guadalajara to the Cancun area. The Cancun (IPalapas_011 keep wanting to put an accent on the "U" in Cancun) Costco says it will take 2 to 3 WEEKS for lenses to arrive and they only work with disposable contacts. The contacts are coming from DF and that's the reason for the delay. I should have asked where the contacts were coming from when we were in Puebla. So, it looks like I'll check the optometrists in Ciudad del Carmen (now that doesn't look right either) or whatever-del-Carmen is up the road. Palapas_009

Jamie seems to have come down with some nasty bacteria in his gut, and thanks to a wonderful Internet acquaintance, he is on the mend. He is taking the "cipo" type of antibiotics and has gone from no appetite, weak and feverish (for the past 3 days) to swimming in the infinity pool last night. He still REALLY does not like the heat, and I, who in California, so HATED the heat am really getting used to it here. I prefer the weather outside except in the absolute hottest time of the day.

The place we're staying at has really changed with the winds. There are cabañas, rooms, a gorgeousPalapas_013 pool, a dive shop, temporary RV parking and lots and lots of permanent RV parking. Of course, decades ago, the ocean spots were taken. :) Since this is a turtle sanctuary, no permanent structures can be built, but the palapas that are being built now are simply amazing. The old ones are beautiful too. I walked around a bit yesterday, when Jamie felt well enough to take the kids, and took some photos.

Once Jamie is up and better, we'll do some of the sights we wanted to in this area, but for now, the kids are in HEAVEN playing with other kids (from Louisiana) and have made amazingly fast friends. Even Ellen loves their 10yo (that the boys have been playing with).

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