Thursday, May 12, 2005

Trailer Trash

Play_0291We have kind of been in limbo here; waiting to see if Jamie is going to get better or not. He has had a couple days in the past 2 weeks where it looked promising, but he would only be out of bed for a couple hours and then spend the entire following day in bed. Today, for the first time, he was up in the morning and stayed out of bed pretty much all day long. He snorkled with the boys out to the reef and had enough energy afterwards to stay out of bed; laying about in recliners at the poolside. I am really hoping that this will be his "turn-around" day; the doctor felt that he would be feeling MUCH better 48 hours after his first shot, and that was last Friday. So, I'm cautiously hopeful.

We lost our free Internet connectivity and are arranging to use one of the permanent resident's WAN toLife_008 connect. If we don't have connectivity tomorrow, I'll probably go into town and use a cafe. We haven't been doing much; I don't feel comfortable leaving Jamie alone until late afternoon; when he is usually awake (he generally sleeps off and on all day), so we hang out at the trailer; the kids play in the sand and we hit the pool once or twice. I don't know why, but the kids generally prefer the mud and sand at the trailer to the pool. Easier for me to keep an eye on Jamie, but weird. They've been constucting elaborate castles and towns and villages at the back of the trailer and I hope there isn't a HIGH percentage of salt in the limestone. :)

Life_007If Jamie has indeed, turned the corner in his illness, we will probably be here for another week and a half; he gets his last shot on Saturday and will be evaluated by the doctor to see if he wants him to go on oral antibiotics. By then, he will hopefully be well enough to make some day trips and we can see more of this area than the trailer park. :)

We are all getting brown as can be and have adjusted (except Jamie, who spends all day in A/C andPlay_022 as such, doesn't have the ability to adjust) to the heat and humidity. I am surprised at how we've adapted; I never imagined I could deal with heat in the 90's and 100's (F) and humidity in the 85-90% range.
It really doesn't seem like anything has happened; we spend each day hanging outside the trailer; reading and creating and waiting for Jamie to get better. There is apparently a new Typhoid vaccine and I'm seriously considering getting it (it is not for children according to the doctor) but since we're planning on being out of Mexico by the end of June I'm not sure it would be worth the money (600 pesos) or time.

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