Saturday, January 29, 2011

too skeered to run

My first love, rediscovered, because I started swimming at 11 (in my mother's swimsuit) on the Auburn Tigers' swim team and kept at it until my early 20s and discovered cycling in my mid 20s and triathlon was a natural extension of that (but I hated to run) so I never ran until my first triathlon (Santa Barbara in the mid 80s) and hated the run (half marathon) so much I stopped running until I hit middle age. Gawds. I guess I'm middle aged. So a couple years ago I decided I finally wanted to lose all that baby weight. I was around 90kg and I eventually lost 15 of those (but those days in the hospital on 'roids have added 3 kg I'm trying hard to lose, and honestly I could stand to lose another 5kg on top of that) by walking and then running. I LOVED running. Until I started cycling again. And now that I've added more laps to my swims (I do 8 laps now - just under 3000 yd per Google Earth) I'm starting to enjoy swimming. And poor running, which was my absolute new found joy is now the black sheep of the family as it causes me one injury after another. I think I'm skeered to run. Right now I'm using the excuse that I am now just a week out of the hospital and one sport a day is enough. That and all that extra jiggly weight and I don't want to scare my neighbors or the palaperos or workers here with my jello flesh all to obvious in shorts.

I had a great ride today - totally worked the outbound (with tailwind) and hit 32:30 at the turnaround which Jamie thinks might be close to a best time. Expected the return to be a huge fail as we're all still sick, I have that lovely hospital excuse (riding that train all the way) and the headwind should have been brutal. Except it wasn't. So either the tailwind we had going out died as we turned around or it wasn't the tailwind I thought it was. Came back just under 19mph average for the 40km.

Tomorrow is the Copa Gobernador but I'm not sure we'll head over. I thought we might ride the course in our new jersey (well *I* would) especially since work is so slow and we still might. I found a nonprofessional cycling event over in Merida I've talked Jamie into doing (didn't take much) and although it has already started (it is a 5-stage event complete with stage, point and overall jerseys) but they'll let us in. Sweet.

Tomorrow I run. Only 10 minutes,but I've officially run out of excuses. Hard to believe I was doing 10 mile runs last fall.

Pictures from the end of yesterday's swim and today's bike. I had a weird swim - really rough at the start but by my last lap it had totally calmed down. Swam late - I hate swimming in late afternoon/feeding time. Last couple laps had me looking over my shoulder to the deep blue and hoping for no company.

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Iron Mike said...

No worries, play that hospital card for at least a full month!