Tuesday, January 11, 2011

getting my swim mojo back

I'm starting to think December was an anomaly. We've had regular winter weather in January (low 30s C midday) so you can exercise at midday without killing yourself (unlike summer). Right now it is 27C with humidity in the mid to low 70s and I've got sweatpants on - very nice weather. Had a good swim today - I was jonsing to ride but I've been out of the water way to long and I really needed to get some km under my legs also so swim and run it was. My 14yo was not at all animated to go out in the water but once he was out there he LOVED it. A little rough out there but the biggest thing was the freezing cold currents about 1/2 way to the reef. Put in 6 laps (6x340) and by the 5th lap I'd finally found my stroke again. Not a bad afternoon. Looking like a system coming in now and that explains my wicked pressure headache on Sunday.

run to that point is 1.5 miles from our palapa (house like thing).


Iron Mike said...

Beautiful photos, for a moment, they transported me from this snowy little world we're enjoying up north. Thanks!

Jody said...

Gorgeous scenery!

I am back in the water too finally. Hoping to get in 3-4 days a week, rain or shine. Hard to get motivated to get in the water when the air temp is in the 40's, but thankfully the water is 84!