Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Languishing in indecision

So yesterday was a GOOD day. I was up all day, took at walk with Jamie and the dog on Janten and had no lung issues. Up at 6am today and still waiting for the work to come in, and am waffling about exercise. Docs said to wait a week - it has been 4. I have the desire to head out now but (excuses) flat tire on bike and scared to run or swim. It is definitely the temperature for both - (our thermometer walked off a week or so ago so I have to go with Accuweather which says 23C but I'm sure it is warmer than that) but I don't want to land back with issues again. So I'm waffling. DOG doesn't even want to go for a walk. Sheesh. Aren't dogs supposed to LIVE for walks? He wants to sleep and maybe, when I'm mired in work and homeschooling, later on today will be DYING for one. Um, who's the alpha here?

Too many choices perhaps.

If I ride Jamie will totally freaque out so no riding. I should get out there and swim then. I was bursting at the seams to exercise while hospitalized, so why the indecision now?

Oh, and yes, the dog chases coconuts. He wouldn't know what to do with a ball if it came covered in peanut butter and flew in front of his nose. Born in Belize and reared on the Caribbean, he's a coco dog.

Update - I did it! I got super freaked when my hr rose and it took about 45 minutes before I felt comfortable with the (normally) elevated hr and I had to keep taking experimentation deep breaths to make sure I wasn't going to have a recurrence. I guess I was more freaked out than I thought. By the end of the ride, however, (40km) I was VERY comfortable riding and are our jerseys gorgeous or what? Not sure if I'm going to run or not, but tomorrow is definitely on for a swim. I am pretty sure I'm back and glad of it.

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Jody said...

Yeah! Just saw your update! Gorgeous to see you back on your bike and in those awesome jerseys!