Sunday, January 30, 2011

old skool or senile?

After my last post I decided to suck it up and schedule out my runs. I have had 2 years of injury with running - tearing my calf muscle every 3 months like clockwork - and finally decided to do BarryP's 1:2:3 program to try and avoid that. However, I managed to tear one last time, then we had an international trip, then we all got sick (due to airplane air, I'm guessing) and then I ended up in the hospital. So while I ran a week in January, that was my first consistent week since November. And honestly, I'm scared to get excited again just to get injured again. HOWEVER, I do have a plan and I have a trigger point roller (much easier to use than the fire extinguisher I was using before our stock-up trip to the US) so it is time to suck it up and deal.

So I planned running out to May. And I'm excited again. So excited that I'm going to run today BEFORE cycling if I can time it right between work and Jamie waking and temperatures. He hates riding in the heat and it looks like today the last norte (#24?) is leaving us (and we'll finally be able to thaw out a bit). I also scoured the web for local events and FOUND some. This is pretty rare as for running events, we generally get the convocatorias about a week before the event. So that was pretty exciting. I added them to my sidebar so they wouldn't be lost and now I have RACES!

So then I figured I'd look at IM plans. I mean all the cool kids do them and there seem to be a LOT of them out there. But honestly, they are doing Nothing for me. I looked at a few and they are Very Specific (and maybe this will come back to haunt me) but I ride hard when I want to ride hard, I swim hard when I want to and well, running, I'm just trying to stay uninjured. I can't imagine doing the intervals and times and sets and blah. I enjoy riding, I enjoy kicking Jamie's ass (VERY INFREQUENTLY) and I enjoy looking at the fishies and hoping the Big Giant Fish Who Will Not Be Named leaves me alone when I swim. I enjoy increasing the effort and increasing the distance but I'll be damned if I start doing cadence this and one-legged spinning that. Yuck. I'd rather not even train if that is the training. I might really regret this come November, but I've found some earlier races (and even an HIM in June over in Veracruz) so I can see how things stack up. My first (and only) triatlon was an HIM and I did not train more than 1 sport a day and refused to train running. Yeah, WHAT WAS I THINKING? But it was okay (okay, the run SUCKED ASS) but I did it. And I wasn't dead last. I'm only doing Cozumel for myself and I really have no desire for X time or placing - it is the most local race around here and very easy for me to get to. Plus I'm looking forward to challenging myself.

I got out on the run today and 10 minutes about killed me. Jamie and I WORKED the last 2 days on the bike and I'm totally feeling it now. Tomorrow to swim and 20 min run.

This week by numbers:
(did nothing Sun or Mon)
Swim: 5440yd (around 2 hr)
Bike: 160km (5:20 hr)
Run: 10 min.

Looking forward to next week.

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Jody said...

Hey! I am loosely following this one for HIM:

And when I say loose, I mean loose. It is a great program and I use it as a guide, but basically have to be flexible with the weather etc.