Sunday, January 09, 2011

solo cyclist

I don't think we've been back to the Bay Area in December since 2004 or 2005 and I honestly did not realize how cold it got. A week home and Jamie and I are still gobsmacked at how cold it was. We absolutely ALWAYS get sick going to "el otro lado" and this time was no exception. Due to unseasonable cold (14C one day) here, we started out sick, picked up something on the plane going out and now seems we picked up something coming home also. So going on a month straight of sickness.

I kept meaning to try bike shorts while we were in the US but I never made time to do it, so again, I'm trying to find something long distance. I like wide waistbands (like the De Soto Carrera) and hate silicone leg grips. I bought a pair of KB shorts off Ebay to try and now I really hate them. I'm looking at Louis Garneau, Sugoi, Pearl Izumi and maybe Orca. Sigh. I hate shopping for shorts to minimize sausage legs without being able to try them on. I've heard there is a bike shop in Cancun and maybe we'll have to head up there so I can try shorts on. Course, that would involve taking a day off work.

Jamie has been too sick to ride so I've ridden the past 2 rides SOLO! I really didn't think that possible even though I trained for centuries solo for many years before kids and rode into my 5th month on the road (and then on rollers) with my 1st pregnancy. It has been a LOT of years since I have been on a bike and having Jamie there just made it easier and I really didn't think I'd push myself or enjoy myself without him there. But I did and I did, though I definitely REALLY enjoy it more with him.

Got back in the water for the first time since November! Saw the cudda and Pike saw a ray but the seafloor has changed so much I was totally lost 1/2 way to the reef. There is also a new bouy at the reef to replace the one a hurricane (that didn't even hit us) took away this year. I've decided I'm only going to swim 3 days a week though and hopefully not burn out. I also started running again and really need to do the trigger point stuff so I don't tear again. I had planned to ride and run today but my head hurts so much (sinus headache) that I'm just trying to keep it from exploding, though I kept watching the clock all day trying to figure out WHEN I could get a ride and run in but never got well enough to do so.

Next week ride T,Th,S,S; run M,T,W,Th,F,S and swim M,W,F. I'm sticking to 1:2:30 for running, M 20min, T 10min, W 20min, Th 10min, F 30min, S or S 10min. Good to be back in the warmth.

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Jody said...

Looks like a good schedule! Congats on riding solo! Its nice to be able to get out there on your own and get lost in the bike and your thoughts.

I am getting back in the water tomorrow and with this cold front, am not looking forward to it much. Hopefully they have the heat turned waaaaaay up.

I found these that I am seriously considering for long rides this year: They have great reviews, but man are they pricey.

I have an Orca tri suit and love it. I wear it all the time, and have never had rub or raw spots from it. I had to cut out the built in bra thingie though. Hated it. I use it for all my races, bricks, and for several weeks prior to a triathlon or duathlon to get used to the reduced paddling.