Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grey and cloudy sea swim

I didn't want to go out today. It was cold and grey. I did it anyway. Another 2740 in the bank (8 laps to the reef and back). I had a lot of trouble coughing and tight chest but an hour or so after exercise was fine. Ended the swim with 3 x 170. Funny set. Got my HR up though. How about my "poor man's" wetsuit top? Cold days I wear a tshirt over my grannysuit. Nice for insulation.


Iron Mike said...

Beautiful shot of the stormy sea (I really like the coconut pup shot, too).
Impressive effort during your recovery and unless we want to be crazy and drop 50K per year on this stuff, the more "poor man's" attire, the better.

Adam said...

You remembered your password!!

Love the pictures of the storm out at sea.

Sometimes, getting your HR up is all you can ask for.