Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Agua Dulce

sure there is a REASON this place is named "Sweet Water" but it sure ain't cause it is sweet weather. Ugh it is hot. Ugh it is humid. Ugh we are DYING of the heat.Mx180_006 Ugh Ugh UGH! On the way out of the Pemex, we saw field after field of sugar cane. Under each and every overpass we saw people selling fresh pineapple juice. COLD fresh pineapple juice. I simply had to stop. I love trying new things. I couldn't barter the vendor down one peso, so we paid 30 pesos for two small jugs. It was amazing though. No water had been added and it was pure pleasure. At one of the many stops for construction work (even on the cuota we don't really average more than 40mph) I got this picture of pineapple fields. I missed lots of pictures of pineapple being harvested, but we were going too fast.

Agua_dulce_001It was hot all day, and if it can be believed, the kids complained that they were too hot so we'd put on the A/C and then we'd have to get the girls BLANKETS because they were too cold! Can you believe it??? We were alternately turning on and off the A/C. Sissy got a glory ride with Papa and Tata in their RV today; when we stopped for a toll/pee/food brake, she popped into their RV and headed down the road with them.
Notice how boring the reports have gotten since we got on the cuota? I'm really starting to love the lovely road (when we get good road - even the cuota has crappy road, but we don't have tope after tope after tope after vibrator (speed bumps and several speed bumps in succession) so the going is actually much quicker.

Agua_dulce_003_1Once we finally found the campground (and found that Pemex has leased it and it is no more, but the rancho next door allowed us to camp in their front yard) Jamie about killed himself when he found out that there to be NO hookups AGAIN tonight; no A/C and sweltering heat. However, we gotAgua_dulce_004 amazing news that a restaurant nearby had POOLS. Of WATER! Where we could SWIM. And not melt into a pool of depressing limp skin. The heat and humidity is taking a LOT of getting used to. So, the spoilt, baby, Everything Has To Be Easy For Us, Americans dropped the trailer (and toad for Mom and Dad) and within about 15 minutes after parking, headed to the pool/restaurant. We spent the entire afternoon there and swam and ate and swam and lolled about in the water until it was safe to exit without heat prostration. I think I now understand why everyone comes here in the winter. Much smarter. :)

Boring update, but hey, we're on the cuota. Can't be adventurers EVERY day. :)

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