Monday, April 25, 2005

Sad news from Palenque

Yesterday we got the very sad news that Papa and Tata were going to head back toRuins_049 the states and leave us bored and lonely in Palenque. It was a bit of a shock; we knew that eventually we would split but we just weren't ready. We all had gotten very accostomed to being able to hang out with, talk to and share with them anytime it occurred to us. At the last minute, I remembered that I had presents for people back in California and stowed them in the folk's Lazy Daze. We then spent the rest of the day lazing about the campground (it was Sunday) and Jamie had aRuins_051 wonderful bike ride up to the waterfall at Misol-Ha. We really enjoyed the pool yesterday; the sun actually came out for the first time since we can't remember and the pool was quite necessary. I'm sure the sun has been out there; it has been enormously hot (enough to run the A/C all day that we're in the trailer and all night) but we simply can't see it for the haze and smoke.

Ruins_044That night the music coming from the restaurant (local, live folkloric) was even more enticing than normal and I dragged the kids over for a listen. I ordered a pitcher of Sangria but for the first time found out that THIS sangria was comprised of rum and red wine. I quickly changed the order to lemonade (limeade) and a dark beer. I don't know if the kids even noticed the music; they were running around (outside) and playing with a puppy. Those kids simply cannot resist a puppy. Unfortunately, the puppy's fleas cannot resist me. :(

Today we headed to town for some errands and the girls got long promised dresses (when I found aEllen_001 Ruins_045cheap garment store). I'd bought Ellen and Sissy replacement sandals (for the ones they've lost and the pair that Jamie left at a Pemex) and Ellen's had already broken. The duena happily replaced them, much to my surprise; I really expected her to say, "buyer beware".

More shopping; more heat; more frustration and we were back at the campground by noon. We sent the kids off to the pool and got ready to go. It was much easier to leave Palenque after a nice dip and cool down in the pool. We are really going to miss Palenque; the ruins, the jungle, the hippies, the food.

Cenote_001About 3 or 4 kilometers down the road from the campground I saw two hitchikers and without a second thought slowed down and opened the window to show them how full we are. I don't know why I stopped, it just seemed to be exactly the right thing to do and I didn't even think about it. They decided to give us a try and we managed to shoehorn them and their belongings inbetween the kids and on the floor. They were on their way to Chetumal (just like us) and I'm lucky the daggers coming from Jamie's eyes didn't do any damage. I don't know why I never consulted him; it was an pure instinctual reaction to pick them up. Luckilly, Jamie warmed to the idea and they proved to be most excellent travelling companions.

We had planned on going only as far as El Centanario and stopped at a restaurant that has aTowncamp_005 reputation of allowing campers to overnight. FOUR HUNDERED PESOS later (dinner) we're waiting for the heat to decrease to be able to sleep. There are turkeys, roosters, chickens, monkeys, peacocks and probably more here (where are the dogs?) and we're right by a lagoon. The breeze is AMAZING but unfortunately, the ass-end of the trailer is pointed straight at the breeze. We're trying to decide if I need to move the trailer perpendicular to catch some breeze (or not). Slide out; food out; everything out; but we NEED a breeze... This is absolutely The Hottest Night In Creation.

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