Thursday, April 21, 2005

On Pyramids

Pyramid_021When I think of pyramids, I envision the Egyptian (though I've never been there) variety with emmense kilometers of flat desert interspersed with magnificientPyramid_017 pyramids. For some reason, even though we're in the midst of tropical highlands and lowlands, I was expecting something of the same here in Mexico. What was hard for me to comprehend was that these pyramids (at least the one in Cholula, and, I expect, most here in Mexico and Central America) have been covered with dirt and grassland and jungle and look like one of very many bumps in the landscape. In Cholula, for example, the town bustled (surrounded by 3 magnificient volcanos) and expanded. One day a mental hospital was being built. In the construction of the hospital, the pyramid was discovered. According to the guide (Jamie, the boys and mom and dadPyramid_020 went first to the pyrmaid and then I and the boys went again (with they as my guide)), this pyramid is actually 3 seperate constructions. The first pyramid was used 10 centuries ago, then that pyramid was used as a base for the second; the second was used as a base for the third. Finally, Cortes constructed a church on the top. Across from the pyramid (much of which is still covered with dirt and ground) you can see another hill. Very definately in the same shape as a pyramid. Probably is one. Underneath.

Pyramid_013Soooo....we walked from the trailer park, down through the little side streets and got to know the city. I haven't found many cities I could live in, but there is something about Cholula. Not Puebla, but Cholula. I really liked the people and the neighborhood we were in. You arrive at the underground part of the tour and walk through (underground) the first, second and third pyramids before coming outPyramid_024 on "top". You come out of the underground and into the excavated areas. You also get a lovely view of the mental hospital. I wrote down everything (about) that they boys told me and I'll post it when everyone wakes (or later in the day) but they were excellent guides. We walked and walked and walked and walked. Luckilly the clouds came and it looked like rain but only dulled the heat (which, sitting here in zero meters altitude and REAL heat) which really was Not That Bad.

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