Thursday, April 28, 2005

Resort Living in Paa Mul

Camp_009_1When we were in Baja, living on the beach, we really thought we'd invented hedonistic living. Here in Paa Mul, we realize we didn't know squat about hedonism. I spent about 15-20 minutes trying to talk the day manager down from 25USD/night to 200 pesos a night and then 250 pesos/night but he would not budge. We're paying an exhorbitant 25USD/night (converted to pesos at 11P/USD; he wouldn't go for 10P/USD) but it really is resort living. The bathrooms are absolutely first rate. The showers are hot. The toliets do not serve as mosquito breeding grounds. There are no iguanas in the bathrooms. They have a reportedly MARVELOUS restaurant right next to the infinity pool. The infinity pool drops into aCamp_001 nice little kids pool. There is a dive shop right next to the pool. There are lounges and palapas with chairs and just about everything you could imagine. We can run the A/C all day if we like and it won't interrupt the city power grid. It really is resort living at 25 dollars a night. So we can't complain.

Camp_003_1Pike went snorkeling this morning and saw "lots and lots of beautiful fish". He also built an amazing sand castle. We spent the morning swimming in the sea and pool; playing and then off we went to do errands. Laundry, propane purchase (we've been NEEDING propane since Puebla but have had trouble getting the tanks filled), attempt to order contact lenses and Mega and Costco purchases. I've been looking for a tape/CD player for the boys to replace the $10 tape player I got them in Wisconsin, but we mightCamp_008 have to wait for the states to buy one. They are just too expensive down here. I thought I found a good deal at Mega today, but had misunderstood the price to be P398 instead of P598. BIG difference. It was CD, MP3, tape and radio, and after checking the Internet for prices in the states tonight, we'll see how bad the price is down here.

I see Papa and Tata made it out of Mexico, but only due to the Datastorm map; we're still waiting for an update. We'll probably go home via the highlands and central colonial towns, but it is fun to see their journey also.

I had so much to post about - about nothing and sensless garbage, but the girls are driving me to distraction, so I'll have to try tomorrow.

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