Saturday, October 27, 2012

the perfect afternoon

I went for a "run" last night with my eldest.  That simple sentence is so spectacular on so very many levels.  Before I started dieting and exercising I would not have been able to run more than 10 meters without getting out of breath and feeling like I was going to die.  Almost 13 months ago this same son had cardiothoracic surgery and lost a part of his lung.

I really didn't want to head out for the run but I knew I needed to keep the run volume consistent, especially with IMCoz staring at me BUT I had just eaten (meatloaf!) and was waiting for that to digest before going out.  He and his brother came home (unexpectedly early) and since he has been so busy with school and band practice he hasn't been running much.  He was raring to go.  Me, not so much.  The dog was DEFINITELY ready.

It was a lovely afternoon as the temperature has been plummeting in evening and early morning lately and the humidity seems to have completely disappeared.  The dog was so happy to be out on his usual "walk" after healing his broken hip and he was intent to put iguanas back on notice that he was back in town.  We jogged slowly, me with my stuffed belly and my son with his still-healing chest, and chatted about the day.  This boy has never been one to drop his end of a conversation and every time I mentally want to shut off his chatter I immediately remind myself of all the parents of teens who would pay good money to have their teen chat their ear off.

So we ran and talked and watched the dog and the flat, flat seas of the Caribbean.  In the moment I knew how special it was and tried to hold the entire time close to my heart, knowing how quickly life changes and how immensely lucky I am on so many levels; to have a body capable of running, to have the freedom to live where we do (and leave if we choose), to have the amazing family I do, to have a son healthy enough to run, and a son who chooses to take moments in the afternoon to spend with his old mom, running down the beach, watching the flat waves roll along.

Triathlon is such an infinitesimally small part of life but training for it allows me to have these incredibly special moments.  And these moments are so much better than any prize or achievement in any particular triathlon.

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Jody said...

Love this. Best part of all of this is that Jesse is healthy and happy. Its all gravy after that. Very happy for you.