Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday update (how's that for original)

Seas keep remaining calm in the afternoons.  It is beginning to get a bit unnerving. I had a rest week this week, about 10K swimming (if I get my swim in tomorrow), the usual run (5 hours) but a huge decrease in bike to about 6 hours (from 12, I think, last week).  Jesse wanted to do a run (mainly for the shirt, I think) and we picked the Maraton Ecologico and it will fit into my schedule perfectly as this week will be my last long run week before IMCoz.  I felt like I really needed to get comfortable with 2-hour runs and I think I am, more or less, as I will have done a 2-hour run 3 out of the 4 weeks thus far in October.  I'm hoping that will be a help during the marathon at Coz but really, it's a crapshoot. 

I've decided that I'm either going to do about the same time at Coz or maybe 30 minutes faster.  I had fantasies of taking an hour off but I've now realized that it is pretty much a pipe dream.  I need to train smarter on the bike (intervals!  Who knew?) and just figured out I should have been doing intervals all along.  So that's on the schedule for next year.  Yeah, I'm already planning for next year.  I'm happy with my run progress thus far and very comfortable with 5-hour weeks, so the plan for next year is to either get faster or this winter get very comfortable with 7-hour run weeks.  For the swim, I think I just need more time in the water and, well, that won't happen until next year maybe.  I'm just not that motivated on the swim.  Yet.  Maybe I'll enter some races next year.  I'd definitely like to do Bacalar. 

At any rate, tomorrow the girls will be running the 3K, Jesse the 10K and I'm off for my first half-marathon outside a triathlon.  It is looking to be a HUGE deal here with reports (on the radio) that 1500 people have signed up.  I've never been in a run with that many people so that will be interesting.  Looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow.  I'm not at all rested and I kinda trashed my legs today on the ride but I'm hoping for a 2-hour run.

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Triathlon Chicas said...

You're putting in some crazy hours! Looks like it's almost time for taper. Best of luck at IM Coz!