Sunday, October 28, 2012

Maraton Ecologico Riviera Maya

My girls (just turned 11 and 13) and my 18yo son and myself had planned to run an event today. 3K for the girls, 10K for my son and 21K for me.   The course markings were "interesting" and the girls ended up on the 21k course and eventually the 10K and finished at least 10K. They had a GREAT time, said they just had fun and enjoyed themselves and didn't mind ending up taking 2 hours to do what should have been 3K.   My 18yo went back out on the 10k course to find them and they all finished together. What a GREAT bunch of kids! (the 16yo is at a kitesurfing competition). I'm SO proud of them for having a great time and making the best out of the situation they were in. They have done no training (except the 18 yo and sporadically) and I honestly thought they'd never do anything athletic (the 16yo windsurfs and the girls do equestrian, so there's that) and just figured I'd keep plugging along and my husband and I would just model athleticism. The 18 yo wants to do 21k next. :)

Looking at the map, the girls did at LEAST 11k and are resting now. :) The little one says her legs are sore.  The girls said that they walked all the aid stations and took all the gatorade they wanted and were happy to know that, surrounded by other runners, they couldn't get super lost so they just stayed with the flow of people. They ran into people along the course (one school teacher got them off the 21k course and onto the 10k course) and then the 18yo gave the 11 yo a piggyback ride at one point. I'm still awed that they ran at least 11k and had fun doing it as they don't get much activity (13 yo does school sports, dance and horse riding and the 11 yo just rides horse) and so glad it all worked out.

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