Saturday, August 11, 2012

the crotch must be cursed

I'm starting to wonder if I've offended some pagan god or have been cursed in the crotch as I'm just not able to catch a break down there.  I spent all of July with a rash I thought was saddle related only to find it was cream related and finally cured that with roids.  I had a good week and was starting to flirt with aero positioning but mainly just trying to get more time in the saddle as I'm playing catchup with a HIM looming over my shoulder end September and very little bike time so far.  I managed only 5.5 hours last week and capped that week with a run where I had the unusual (for me) need to crap during the run and must have run into some chen-chen (think poison oak like symptoms) as my asshole and perineum are now covered with festering painful outbreak along with the inside of my knees and one ankle.  W.T.everlasting.F? So I'm now back to horrific rash in the crotch but this time I'm not sure roids will make any difference to them.  I'm trying diaper rash cream to keep it from spreading along with Domeboro.  Once it clears, (it HAS to clear, Right?) I'm going to encase myself in armor from the waist down in the hopes of preventing another "episode".  Or maybe I'm just cursed now.  Perhaps a sacrifice might be in order.

Hurricane Ernesto and the tourists filling the pool at all hours of the day (except the night before Ernesto hit) kept swimming to only 2 sessions last week but considering my training in water this year, I'll take it.  I'm hoping to maybe get some time in this weekend to make up.  Running is going great.  I'm very comfortable at 4.5 hours a week and next week I'm going to increase to 5 hours.  I have a 10K on Sunday and I had hoped for a PR but today's ride showed me that my legs were DEAD and the 10Ks I do normally during the week are hovering at around 1:07 so I'm guessing I have no hope to get under an hour (my last PR was around 59:30 a few months ago) and with my ass in the amount of pain it is in, I'm thinking I might just skip it.  I expect to be way over an hour and I don't really need to get up at 5am to find that out.  BUT a friend did me a big favor of arranging to do paquete pickup tomorrow (instead of going all the way up there today just for pickup) and I would feel bad if I didn't at least show up to get the paquete.

I had hopes of training over in Cozumel next week but with 3/4 kids sick, I'm thinking we'll have to skip that.  I love the water over there and the loop around the island on bike is SO much less traffic and more beautiful than our only choice over here, the carretera, that I was really looking forward to it.  Maybe if everyone gets better later on in the week we'll go for a few days instead of a whole week.  Would be a nice change of scenery.  I was also hoping to get in a session with their swim coach to see what he thought about my stroke since the closest thing to that we have here would be in Cancun.  Still undecided about running tomorrow but another reason to go is to hit Costco and get a giant vat of diaper rash cream since it seems I'll be needing it for a good while to come.

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