Monday, August 06, 2012

coming off a good week and roids

I got this top quite a while ago but never found a reason to wear it, but since I can't seem to swim outside non super bright sunny hours, I'm using it as a sun protector.  I'm starting to get over the barracuda in the water and last time although I saw him on my last lap his mouth wasn't hanging open and he wasn't following me and that made it much easier to go out and back one last time.  I've also started a new loop in the bay - instead of multiple vueltas to the reef and back (300m) I'm doing an arc that is 750m in one vuelta.  Pretty sweet!  I still have trouble finding my way back without going all over the place looking for the spot where I normally would turn around but I'm getting there, picking up landmarks little by little.  Per Google maps the loops could be anywhere from 370m to 375m each way IF I kept to a straight course. HA!  That's a pretty good one.  I think outbound is pretty straight but I'm likely zigzagging all over the bay coming back.  Today Pike came out with me and I got a better idea of how to get to the reef on the return. 

I think I totally freaked a family out when I headed to my stretching spot after my midday run as they asked for permission to hand their hammock.  I told them I was just there to stretch and no-one owns the beach and to hang the hammock where they desired.  After Kilo and I finished up our stretch, I headed home for a little work and then back out to the water for a swim, hoping to get some swim time in before the waves picked up.  The poor family was still there are RIGHT at the end of the south end of my swim.  They must have thought I was nutz.  My 2nd loop I noticed a ray partially buried by sand and warned them about it, though I admitted I wasn't sure if it was manta or sting. 

Ever since I've changed my route from out and back reef to the bay loop I've only been bothered by the barracuda once and that, if nothing else, has me convinced to keep to the loop.  It was a blast having Pike out there today in the kayak.  Thanks to the Sugdens for allowing us to borrow it.

I think I figured out why I'm wiped on Mondays and it isn't just the 2 hour bike rides I've brought back into the schedule, it is the 1.5 hour run that goes along with it.  Should be easy enough later in the season, but right now that 2-hour ride plus 1.5-hour run is kicking my ass.  My legs were DEAD on today's run and I only did 2 loops of the bay instead of 3.  So far I'm abandoning my attempts to ride aero and just concentrating on getting more time in the saddle.  I've got an Adamo waiting in South Dakota, anyone want to mule it down?  I finally nailed down my crotch itch issue - I have been having an allergic reaction to a cream I've been using to avoid saddle issues.  Ironic much?  I got over 6000 m in swim, an extra hour on the bike (up to 5 or more hours) and holding steady with around 4.5 hours run.  Pretty happy wiht that but the HIM is coming up QUICKLY and I'm getting worried.

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